Adidas Launches New All Day Fitness App

Adidas All Day App
Photo courtesy Adidas

Adidas released a new fitness app, Adidas All Day, that provides a wide range of daily ideas and routines to be healthy, stay active, eat better and recharge.

Unique to All Day are its discoveries. Developed by leading health and fitness experts, Discoveries provide a program of daily ideas, practices, and routines for individuals to try out so they can keep things fresh and discover new things that work for them. At launch, All Day will have 13 Discoveries, and the library will continue to grow from there.

Some of the featured Discoveries available in All Day include:

  • Yoga for Running: Renowned yoga instructor and runner Adriene Mishler guides a series of five-minute yoga sessions that can improve endurance, reduce muscle pain, and help take the runner to the next level.
  • Simple Clean Eating: Wellness chef Candice Kumai offers recipes for clean and healthy eating, including grilled fish tacos, turmeric fried rice, and fresh sweet potato pizza with nothing but the simple ingredients the body needs.
  • Sleep Sounds Drift with DJ Nina Las Vegas: DJ Nina Las Vegas shares seven different one-hour music tracks to help with falling asleep faster and sleeping longer, which can improve mood, reduce stress, and boost physical performance.
  • Get Fit Anywhere: Celebrity trainer Stephen Cheuk guides body weight workouts and high intensity interval training workouts that don’t require equipment and can be done almost anywhere for getting fit and toned.

All Day also offers key insights and metrics designed to inspire and motivate. It automatically tracks active minutes, steps, distance, and calories, providing a full view of all the user has accomplished on an easy to navigate homescreen. Users can also easily self-log a variety of other workouts like a gym session or a yoga class.

All Day is now available for free for Apple and Android devices in the U.S. For more information visit



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