Urban Armor Gear Composite Phone Case

[tps_header] Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6 case Cell phone cases are kind of a personal preference. Some are too clunky, some don’t protect enough, and my personal pet peeve — “the slippery one” that is hard to get a good grip on. Yes, nothing is more frustrating than a slippery phone case when you’re trying to pull it out of a jersey pocket or pack so you can take a selfie.

When the Urban Armor Gear Composite Phone Case arrived in our office it sat on the desk for a few weeks. I was hard pressed to get rid of my trusty leather Apple case. Even though it didn’t offer much protection, and every time I dropped my phone, I cringed thinking it was going to break or get a nice little dent on the corner.

Once the UAG case was on my iPhone I had a hard time finding any issues with the case. Urban Armor Gear addresses a lot of issues that other cases don’t. It has a slim design, tacky grip, durable enough to stand up to a 5-year-old and all the abuse a person on the go can dish out. With over-sized buttons and generous ports, the case is user-friendly and has a low profile design that slips in and out of your pocket making access easy and keeping the bulge in your rear pocket to a minimum.

No one really wants to drop their phone on purpose just to test a case. But if you own a phone long enough you are bound to drop it, sit on it or do a myriad of other abusive things to it. That is when you’ll appreciate a good solid case. The UAG line of cases won’t let you down.

The UAG case also comes in wide array of colors to match your style, mood or our favorite — keep everyone’s phones separated. They are also available for all recent models of the iPhone and numerous other phone designs.

The Design of the Urban Armor Gear Case is well thought-out

360 Degree Protection
A soft rubberized screen wrap and rear skid pads provide 360 degree protection from scratches and abrasions and do a great job of keeping the phone from flying off the dash or wherever you may leave it. It also provides lots of extra “grip” when grabbing it with sweaty hands on the go.

Impact Resistant
UAG’s patented Composite design fuses a hard outer shell with a soft impact resistant core. The unique shape of the case also provides structural rigidity. We couldn’t break the case or a phone, but then we didn’t try super hard. If you want to see some one put in some effort, watch this video.

For more information visit www.urbanarmorgear.com

Retail Price: $34.95 USD


Urban Armor Gear Composite Phone Case
Rubber surround, large textured buttons and an impact resistant case make the Urban Armor Gear Composite iPhone Case a winner.


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