Meet the New YETI French Press

YETI is calling all coffee lovers today for the exciting expansion of the tried-and-true coffee family with a new product that will feel right at home: please welcome the Rambler French Press! Nice enough to use at home, and tough enough to use in the backcountry.

Besides YETI quality, durability, and fun colors, one of the most exciting features of the French Press that makes it stand out from the competition is the new GroundsControl Filter. This filter separates the coffee grounds from the brew and stops the brewing process after plunging to lock in flavor. This allows coffee to stay hot in the French Press vessel without over-extracting it, so no more worrying about over-brewing coffee to ensure it stays hot!

How YETI French Press Work?

The YETI™ Rambler™ French Press leads with durability and thermal performance offering double-wall vacuum insulation as expected. Beyond that, YETI has engineered a GroundsControl Filter which stops the brewing process after plunging, allowing the consumer to keep their coffee hot in their YETI™ French Press vessel without over-extracting their coffee.

Additionally, YETI has added our DuraSip™ Ceramic lining for a smooth pour and easy cleaning experience. An elongated handle for a comfortable and controlled grip on the vessel and a non-slip foot makes for a soft landing onto surfaces. The plunger construction is clean and bull simple, no small parts or difficult assembly experiences. The vessel and all components are dishwasher safe.

YETI French Press
YETI French Press in Tropical Pink. Photo credit YETI.

Cleaning Is Easy

All parts are dishwasher safe. When ready to clean, first pull plunger all the way up out of vessel, twist the lid counterclockwise to remove. Unthread the metal plunger to disengage the filter below, remove GroundsControl Filter from over-molded mesh filter, remove gasket from over-molded mesh filter, clean and fully dry all parts before reinstalling. To reinstall, apply the gasket to the over-molded mesh filter, pop back in the GroundsControl Filter, and thread on the metal plunger.

Your New Go-To Coffee Press

Whether you are in the backcountry camping or hosting a big brunch in the backyard, the Rambler French Press will take your coffee to the next level no matter where your adventure takes you outdoors. Good coffee should never be a compromise your crew has to make!

Additionally, make sure you don’t miss YETI’s most recent colorway launch, Tropical Pink! The new colorway landed just in time for Mother’s Day this weekend and the warm summer seasonal to help brighten your days whether you’re spending it on the beach or simply dreaming of one from afar! Tropical Pink will be available in only drinkware SKUs.



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