Oiselle Launches Sports Bra Donation Program For Middle School Girls In Need

Women’s Athletic Apparel Company Aims to Donate Product and Provide Education at the Age When Many Girls Drop Out of Sports

As a women-led athletic apparel company and team community, Oiselle announces today that it is launching a new sports bra donation and education program: GOT (Girls On Track) Bras, focused on middle school girls in need, ages 10-14 years old. The GOT Bras mission is to help girls stay active, and see sports as a lifelong pursuit. The company plans to donate at least 2,000 sports bras in 2017, and to share educational content about how to accurately choose and fit a sports bra, and understand our changing bodies. In 2018 and beyond, the company will increase donations and produce first-bra designs just for girls.

According to recent research, including a study in the Journal of Adolescent Health, middle school is a crucial fork in the road, during which some stop participating in sports due to their changing bodies. Consider the following:

  • 73% of girls report having breast-related concerns regarding exercise and sports
  • 87% want to know more about breasts
  • Close to half report that their breasts have an effect on their participation in sports
  • Families in need may not have the resources or information to purchase a girl’s first sports bra

Receiving a sports bra at the right time can make a difference in how young girls view sports from that point forward. Oiselle’s goal is to remove the barriers in that formative moment, and to encourage lifelong sport participation. The lifelong benefit of sports has been well documented, driving higher rates of physical health, educational and professional success, spiritual well-being, and reduced rates of health problems and illness.

Oiselle’s first charity partner for the GOT Bras program is Running for a Better Oakland (RBO) in Oakland, CA. Having grown up in the Bay Area herself, Oiselle Founder & CEO, Sally Bergesen saw RBO is the ideal partner in multiple ways.

“When we learned about Running for a Better Oakland, we were immediately struck by the value of what this group does. They invite and encourage youth participation in running, across all ages for girls and boys, and get them hooked on moving their bodies. There is nothing more simple and valuable than that,” states Bergesen.

In addition to RBO, Oiselle will select its donation recipients through a unique, community nomination system. By visiting oiselle.com/got-bras, Oiselle customers and teammates can nominate schools, organizations, and/or clubs that fit the criteria of reaching girls in the 8-14-year-old age group, within communities that are most in need of information and donated product.

GOT Bras seeks to do more than donate product. One of the program leads, and Oiselle Director, Dr. Sarah Lesko, is also a family doctor with expertise in the changing physical needs of girls and women.

“What we know is that at this age, girls need more than free product. Through GOT Bras, we will provide very straightforward, usable information for a population of girls that need it most. We want to de-mystify and de-stigmatize breast development. The sooner they have clarity on breast development as a normal, natural stage in their lives, and the helpful role of a sports bra, the better,” states Dr. Lesko.

Oiselle customers and teammates are fueling the GOT Bras Program, including three ways to get involved:

  1. Joining the Oiselle Volée. Beginning in April 2017, a portion of every Volée membership goes to the Woman Up Fund, a set of initiatives designed to give back to the community, including the GOT Bras Program.
  2. Nominate An Organization: Community nominated organizations, eligible to receive sports bra donations and GOT Bras information.
  3. Through a purchase. When you buy a bra from Oiselle, your purchase supports the design and production of bras for middle school girls in need.

For more information, visit oiselle.com or @oiselle on social.



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