Runner-Friendly Lights for Evening Runs

Shorter days mean dawn and dusk runners may find themselves in the dark on daily runs. Thankfully there are quite a few lights out there to fit your needs.

Headlamps give hands-free light exactly where you look, sometimes this is good, and others not so good. If you run with a pack, a pack-mounted design provides plenty of light on its own or can be used in addition to a headlamp for extra light or as a backup. If handhelds are more your thing, there are easy to carry designs that make flashlights a think of the past.

For maximum safety, make sure you can be seen from behind also. Incorporating high visibility colors, reflective accents and flashing lights (that can be seen from behind) into your night run are smart ways to stay safe.


Zephyr Fire 100 Hand Torch LED Light


Nathan has applied their handheld hydration carrier know-how to a light, with an adjustable strap and barely-there carrying comfort that works for righties and lefties. A 24-degree downward light projection angle means you can light your path without getting a kink in your wrist. The USB-rechargeable torch puts out a maximum of 108 lumens with a five hour run time. Setting it to low buys you up to eight hours of run time, and it even comes with a rear-facing red LED safety light and an emergency siren. $45.00 |

Light & Motion Solite 250 EX

The most innovative and versatile light in the group and also the most expensive. Designed to function as a headlamp, flashlight, bike light, helmet light and even a free standing light. The Solite 250EX comes fully loaded with the bike mount, headstrap and features a high capacity battery with tremendous run-time: 4 hours on high and up to 150 hours in read/camp mode. $170.00 |


Princeton Tech Sync

Sync allows direct access to a red LED, spot beam, and flood beam by a twist of the power dial. For those times that require max output a further rotation of the dial activates Dual-beam mode – spot and flood at the same time putting out a maximum 90 lumens. It provides up to 200 hours of light on three AAA batteries so you won’t be left in the dark on longer outings. $30,


Petzl Reactik


With 220 lumens of power, the REACTIK headlamp is ideal for fast paced and intense activities such as rocky trails. With REACTIK, the user wears a compact, rechargeable headlamp that is above all intelligent, with REACTIVE LIGHTING technology. During activity, thanks to a sensor, REACTIK analyzes the ambient light and adjusts the brightness instantly to user requirements. Battery life is optimized helping make sure you make it home with plenty of light. USB Powered. $85.00 |

GoMotion Synergy


Designed for those who opt for a body mounted light versus a headlamp. Super lightweight hex mesh running vest available with or without 1 liter hydration system. 100 Lumen LED light follows the trail, not wondering eyes. Comfortable design prevents sore necks. Two front pockets for phone, mace or nutrition make this a great piece for long evening runs. Full reflective strips and piping on the back will accommodate a rear light as well.  $80 to 95.00 |

Black Diamond Sprinter


Get going with this sleek and balanced design with a built-in red taillight (that can be turned off) and a top strap for a secure, no-bounce fit. It’s waterproof and USB rechargeable—plug it in for five hours to get a full charge and constant light throughout the battery life. Light settings are high, dimming and strobe, with six hours of run time and 75 lumens on high and up to 42 hours of burn time on dimming. $80.00 |


You can find it at Lowes and Target which makes it perfect if you are in a bind, wanna run and need a headlamp? With 95 lumens, a sweet price and more than eight hours of run time, this headlamp is convenient to grab when you need a brightness boost at the beginning or end of a run. It has five light modes plus a strobe setting. $22.00 and available most places that sell toilet paper!



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