Swiftwick Turns 10 Years Old

Swiftwick, a manufacturer of performance sock apparel for athletes, celebrates 10 years in the sports industry. The company is commemorating the milestone with a consumer giveaway campaign that will last until the end of 2018. 

Swiftwick Socks Flite XT Zero
The Flite XT Zero, designed to improve stability during fitness activities that require quick lateral transitions

The Brentwood, Tenn. company opened its doors locally in 2008 when a group of athletes pursued the need for technical wear that could adapt to high-intensity sports. In 2018, Swiftwick is an international brand that supplies technical performance socks for its flagship sports in cycling, running and outdoor, as well as fitness, hockey, golf and snow sports.

“As we enter our 10th year, it’s fun to reflect on our roots and our growth since our first few pairs of socks,” says Chuck Smith, Swiftwick president. “Our team past and present has worked hard to create great products and the response from our customers has been rewarding. The brand still envelopes the grit and determination that comes with being an athlete.”

Swiftwick was founded by athletes and continues to serve athletes with innovative performance socks. In its early days of development in the cycling arena, Swiftwick co-founder Sharp Emmons tested some of the original socks with Predictor-Lotto team riders at the Tour de France. Since then, athletes wearing Swiftwick have participated in and won events around the globe, including the Ironman World Championships, Western States 100, The Masters and countless local events.

“We knew that we had a product that improved performance… on and off the bike,” says Emmons. 

Enter To Win

To celebrate its anniversary and customers, they’ll send 10 free socks a month to winners who enter the 10-Year Giveaway through its website and social media until the end of the year. Each winner will receive a customized prize pack created for their chosen activities, as well as the company’s original and durable PERFORMANCE™ line sock. 

For more information about their line of products and the 10-Year Giveaway, visit Swiftwick.com.

About Swiftwick 

Since 2008, Swiftwick has empowered life’s adventures through thoughtful design, superior craftsmanship and a continuous passion to help others do what moves them. Every sock is made in the USA and backed by the company’s “Best Sock You Will Ever Wear” guarantee. Swiftwick is headquartered in Brentwood, Tenn.



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