3 Minute Ab Trainer

The Stealth system was designed to put an end to boring core workouts by integrating interactive game-play and exercise. Using the Stealth App on your mobile device, users can “game your core” by twisting, holding the plank position, and racking up a game score while thoroughly engaging all 29 core muscles. Games last 3-minutes each and no two games / workouts are the same.

Stealth Training System:

  • Games + workouts available on your mobile device
  • 3-minute games / workouts
  • Workout targets all 29 core muscles
  • Game against others or on your own
  • Comfortable arm rest while planking
  • Secure mobile device cavity
  • Patent-pending 360° rotation
  • Portable platform can be stashed anywhere

Stealth was launched on Kickstarter earlier this week and quickly surpassed its funding goal in less than 24 hours: http://kck.st/2eb3UkI. Kickstarter backers will receive Stealth for $100 off MSRP.



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