Redesigned Balega Blister Resistant Socks to Launch in Spring 2018

With many runners looking to tackle Spring Marathons, the launch of Balega Blister Resistant socks is perfect timing. The specialty mark running sock manufacturer launches its completely redesigned Blister Resist sock collection for Spring 2018. Made from natural mohair, Balega Blister Resistant Socks are designed to protect against sheer friction blisters without sacrificing breathability, comfort or strength.

According to Balega, merino wool, feature slight barbs that stand up when wet, mohair’s naturally flat, scale-like structure won’t cause blisters when your feet start to sweat. Mohair’s hollow fiber structure also allows for superior temperature regulation; keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Combined with Balega’s trademark Drynamix, mohair is twisted to create DRY-MO, a unique moisture management solution for incredible performance and dry feet.

Balega Blister Resistant Socks

In addition to being antimicrobial, mohair is one of the most durable and elastic natural performance fibers, making it ideal for running, hiking and everything in between.

“Balega is passionate about providing harmony in the fit, feel and performance of our socks. Each sock is constructed based on research, design, technical excellence, and durability,” said Tanya Pictor, Vice President of Marketing at Implus Specialty. “Unpredictable weather conditions – such as snow, rain, and heat – are one of the leading causes of blisters. With the Blister Resist socks, you no longer have to fear a change in weather when you head out for your next adventure.”

Balega offers no-show, quarter and crew-length Blister Resist socks – all of which are ideal for both your front and backcountry activities.

The Blister Resist Quarter (MSRP $15) features a new ribbed top to keep out dirt and grime while adding additional security and comfort thanks to an enhanced elastic grip construction. The sock will be relaunching in six new colorways: Ethereal Blue (pictured, below), Mink/Grey, Grey/Black, Grey/Orange, Pink/Wildberry and Ink/Cobalt.

Hikers and runners alike will love the new Blister Resist Crew (MSRP $18), which offers a new extended-cushion heel, providing extra protection and comfort. The new rib top provides added comfort that prevents pressure marks and aids free movement of blood circulation. Available in Grey/Black (pictured, below) and Grey/Orange colorways.

The Blister Resist No Show (MSRP $13) features key Balega performance details including an extra-deep heel pocket, and a high heel tab that ensures your sock stays in place and provides a comfortable fit. The hand-linked seamless toe offers seam-free comfort. The Blister Resist No Show is offered in nine colorway options, including a new Mink.

Balega’s new Balega Blister Resistant Socks line will hit retail stores early 2018 and are available at your local specialty retailer or online at We will keep you posted if we get a chance to run in a pair.

Also be sure to check out the Grit and Grace socks from Balega that supports breast cancer.



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