Breaking Bourbon Celebrates 10 Years

Syracuse, NY (May 30, 2024) – This article orginally appeared on Breaking Bourbon.  This month marks the 10th anniversary of America’s leading bourbon and American whiskey focused website, Breaking Bourbon. Since its launch, just as bourbon started to grab the American zeitgeist, Breaking Bourbon has focused on providing valuable insight to consumers ranging from casual shoppers to die-hard whiskey enthusiasts. 

“When we first started to lay out our vision for we had one goal in mind, and that was to share our truthful, informative, and unbiased reviews with our readers. That singular goal still drives us to this day, and is what makes us the most trusted source to our millions of readers which allows them to make informed whiskey-buying decisions,” states Eric Hasman, one of Breaking Bourbon’s three co-founders. 

Breaking Bourbon reached over 7.3 million unique bourbon and American whiskey enthusiasts in 2023 and has sustained double-digit year-over-year growth of its audience since its inception in 2014. 

From its initial launch with just 20 American whiskey reviews to the vast and ever-growing range found on the site today with 300+ new reviews published annually, the company has become the pre-eminent source for lovers of bourbon, rye, and American whiskey. In addition to core reviews, the company publishes op-eds and articles that help shape the direction of the industry, as well as industry-specific news on an ongoing and timely basis.

Initially launched in a much different digital landscape, the company has stayed steadfast in its mission and continues to see its readership grow at a steady pace year over year.

“When we initially launched, whiskey podcasts, YouTube channels, and social media accounts weren’t as prevalent as they are today. However, our readers continue to tell us it’s our concise and honest reviews, along with our deep knowledge of the industry that keeps them coming back to our site. Breaking Bourbon was created by whiskey fans, for whiskey fans. We’d like to raise a glass in thanks to our loyal readers, Single Barrel Club members, and Patreon subscribers for their continued support over the years,” states Nick Beiter co-founder Breaking Bourbon.

The company has found that a majority of their readers engage with the site when deciding what product to buy in-store or online right before the point of sale.

“Our readers continue to tell us that while they utilize a number of various mediums to learn more about various brands, we’re their number one source at the point of sale to check with before making a purchase.” Jordan Moskal, Breaking Bourbon’s third and final co-founder said. “We attribute that to the fact that our reviews allow readers to digest all the relevant information they need in seconds, or spend more time diving deeper into details if they choose.”

With the first 10 years behind them, the company has no plans on slowing down. “The continued consumer enthusiasm is a reminder of the need for truthful, unbiased reviews, and what fuels us to continue to deliver on that mission at a high level,” states Hasman. 

Congrats to the team at Breaking Bourbon !!



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