Celebrate Earth Day 2019

8 fun ways to celebrate Earth Day 2019 and treat yourself to some cool gear.

Klean Kanteen Insulated Tumblers and Pints

Klean Kanteen Tumblers
Klean Kanteen is a certified B Corp, part of 2,000+ companies trying to make a change.
Photo © Klean Kanteen

Perfect for cocktails and coffee. Stop the disposable cups at parties and coffee shops. Carry your own tumbler to the coffee shop for a fill up; not only are you saving on waste, but some coffee shops even offer discounts for bringing in your own cup. In the evening, use that same mug to keep your margaritas cold. Why Klean Kanteen? Besides awesome products, as a certified B Corp, they’re part of a movement of more than 2,000 global companies that meet high standards of social and environmental transparency, accountability, and performance. Learn more at www.kleankanteen.com.

Toad & Co Sustainable and Organic Clothing


Toad & Company’s motto is “Save the Planet Go Nude”. I guess that is a pretty good option when you live in sunny California but here in the midwest it can get a bit “nipply” in the winter. Lucky for us their clothing is made from recycled products, organic cottons and other environmentally friendly materials. Check out their line of organic fabrics and recycled materials at toad&co.com.

Patagonia Gear

Patagonia Gear

Patagonia is a company that is not afraid to challenge anyone when it comes to protecting the environment. On the flip side, they know their business activity—from lighting stores to dyeing shirts—is part of the problem. They are working steadily to change their business practices and share what they’ve learned. On top of this, they also offer the Patagonia Worn Wear Program, a program designed to repair, share and recycle your gear. Learn more at www.patagonia.com.

eqpd Bag Company

eqpd Bags

A company that has a motto of planet before profit; now that is pretty bold. Pushing folks to “Get Out of the Loop” and never use another single-use bag again. Help yourself, family, friends and the planet with a lifetime guaranteed LastBag made in Twisp, WA. Its clean design, practical nature and absolute reliability make this a bag you will remember to bring everywhere and use for most anything. Made in the U.S.A. Learn more at eqpdgear.com

Cotopoxi – Gear for Good

Sustainable active wear Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi’s slogan is “Gear for Good”. Photo © Cotopoxi.

Active wear for the trail or the gym from Cotopaxi. Cotopaxi is a B Corp-certified active wear brand, which means they have an awesome track record with the environment, but there is more. Each year, they award grants to outstanding nonprofit partners who are carefully selected for their track records at improving the human condition and alleviating poverty. This is all done through their COTOPAXI FOUNDATION. Learn more at Cotopaxi.com

Costa Untangled Sunglasses

The Costa Untangled Collection
Costa, Turning discarded fishing nets into quality sunglass frames.

The brand partnered with Bureo, the pioneer in recycled fishnet products, to turn discarded fishing nets into quality sunglass frames. Identified as the most harmful form of ocean plastic, discarded fishing nets and gear account for ten percent of ocean plastic pollution, which grows by an estimated 640,000 tons every year. 

All styles feature Costa’s patented 580 Lightwave Glass lenses, providing 100 percent UV protection and polarization to offer some of the clearest lenses on the planet. Read More on the Costa Untangled Collection

Reformation Workshop

Sustainable clothes by Reformation

Photo © Reformation

Going out on the town or somewhere special? Why should sustainability and environmental awareness stop there? The Reformation Workshop showcases a line-up of chic outfits for date night or hitting up a local festival. Up to 2/3 of the sustainability impact of fashion happens at the raw materials stage – before the clothes have actually been made. Fiber selection is an important factor to consider when it comes to the environmental impact. That’s why they have Ref standards, or basically different classifications based on their combined social and environmental impact. Learn more at www.thereformation.com

Brooks Running Shoes

Sustainable Running Shoes
Photo © Brooks Running

Brooks continues to design footwear and apparel for sustainability. The creation of waste during footwear manufacturing can be significantly altered by the decisions made during product design. They’ve implemented a program to provide feedback loops to their footwear designers that evaluates the waste impact that is a result of those design choices. Brooks has also been working on new environmentally friendly materials, and is a bluesign system partner which offers a restricted substance program. Learn more at brooksrunning.com.



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