Chamois Butt’r Skin Protection

Protection is key in outdoor sports, especially when the weather takes a turn for the “not-so-desirable”. Whether mother nature hands you rain, extreme heat or humidity this summer, it is in your best interest to keep yourself “lubed up”. Whatever you’re dealt, make sure you are prepared to take care of your skin and those contact points.

Chamois Butt’r Original, not just for cyclists

Let’s get to the point, there are areas that you want to protect a little more then others. A rash or some chaffing can make for some uncomfortable days. Long hot days on the bike, excessive sweating or just not sitting right on the saddle can cause some serious discomfort. Chamois Butt’r Original is a non-greasy skin lubricant developed by cyclists for use with all chamois. Think of it as a “teflon coating” for your parts. It will almost immediately improve riding comfort & soothes already chafed or irritated skin. Perfect for long days in the saddle, but also works wonders in a pair of running shorts where the liner rubs. Apply liberally to skin and/or chamois before each ride or to the skin before a run. Chamois Butt’r cream is available in two additional formulas, Chamois Butt’r Her’ and Chamois Butt’r Eurostyle. Clean-up is simple as it washes off skin and clothing with soap and water. Chamois Butt’r products are paraben and gluten free, contains no artificial fragrances or colors and mode in the good ole’ USA.

Retails: $9.99 and up |

GoStik – The Better Anti Chafe Stick

GoStik is a solid stick lubricant designed to prevent chafing and skin irritation in those awkward spots.  It is excellent for runners, cyclists, and outdoor adventure types, along with anyone who experiences chafing during athletic or on-the-job activities. With a consistency of deodorant, the chafe stick is perfect for more aggressivley rubbed areas, around clothing neck openings, under arms, between thighs, backs of ankles, balls of feet, around jog bras or anywhere the skin may experience friction.

GoStik provides a fragrance-free formula with better lubrication and a high melting point to enable anyone to use the product for longer periods of time. GoStik’s non-viscous, non-greasy spot lubricant stays where you put it, and will not stain skin or clothing.

Retails: $2.99 and up |

Chamois Butt’r Skin Wash

Chamois Butt’r Skin Wash is a skin cleanser developed in cooperation with athletes and trainers to remove sweat, road grime, massage oils and embrocations. Skin Wash reduces the warming sensation of embrocations. It includes ingredients to moisturize and condition the skin. Use after exercise when no shower is available or to clean up before your drive home or stop at the local pub.

Apply Chamois Butt’r Skin Wash directly on your skin and wipe off with a cloth or paper towel. For extra tough oils, creams, dirt or grime repeat process. Skin Wash also works great pre-shower to get off some of those oils that are a little more resistant to water. Special formulation leaves your skin feeling clean, cool and refreshed! Cleans when water is not available.

Retails: $15.00 |

Embrocation Creme

This is by far our favorite on the cool wet mornings. Lather up the legs with the warm Embrocation cream and you are instantly protected from those chilly winds, wet road grime and more. On chillier mornings or cold days up the game with the “hot” version. Chamois Butt’r Embrocation is a muscle warming cream designed to seal exposed skin from the elements in cold and wet conditions. Made with activity triggered muscle warming agents. Developed in cooperation with pro cyclists and soigneurs. Perfect for cold weather riding, running and any activity where you need an extra layer of protection without wearing clothing.


Apply and gently massage into skin. Remove with Chamois Butt’r Skin Wash or soap and water. External use only. Avoid contact with eyes/mucous membranes. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Available in two muscle warming ranges – Warm and Hot

Retails: $20.00 |

  • Non-greasy muscle warming cream
  • Hot version suggested for 50 Degrees F (10 Degrees C) or below.
  • Warm version suggested for 70 Degrees F (21 Degrees C) or below.
  • Used to warm muscles while cycling, cross country skiing or any other cold weather activity.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Washes off skin with Chamois Butt’r Skin Wash or soap and water.
  • Contains no artificial fragrances or colors and is paraben and gluten free.


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