Chacos Custom Sandals

Choose from a variety of webbings, buckles and soles for your Chaco sandals with the Chaco custom sandal builder, select, build, submit, pay and enjoy. Pick from one of their proven models, and design your own one-of-a-kind, custom sandals at Here is the low down and a custom creation from one of Ohio Outside’s future staff members. 

Chacos custom program is pretty sweet, order mom a pair of custom Chaco sandals with custom colors and embroidery. They’ll be a gift she’ll treasure for a long time. Visit to begin your custom sandals.

Pick from one of their proven styles that include the Chaco patented Luv Seat footbed for all-day comfort and support. You can also upgrade to the “cloud” option, which offers a top layer of ultra-soft PU for instant-cushion underfoot. We chose the ZX/2 Sandal and added on the cloud layer for a little extra cushion.

Choose from over 75 different webbing patterns. If you can’t find something you like, you might have a problem. Don’t like your first choice, you can always go back and change it. Be sure to use your imagination and be creative.

Multiple views give you a true feeling of what your creation will look like. Here we are selecting the colors for the heel leash.

Heel leash, riser and the main straps are all selected. Now we can get into the finer details like the buckles and buckle strap. Their custom selections get as detailed as the color the Chacos lizard.

Chacos offerings include black, grey or brown soles. All soles are non-marking.

As if all these funky colors aren’t enough, Chacos allow you the option to do a little custom embroidery on the heel strap. Add up to 8 characters per sandal for an additional $20.00. Choose from several fonts and colors.

The final project, yeah it might be a little crazy looking but that’s the beauty of it, they are an original. Plus this is the result of giving a 6 year old your laptop and asking her to design something fun for mom.

One last spin around and a little proof reading before “Adding to Cart”.

Hmm … should we get a matching dog collar? Ah what the heck. Yep, you can do custom sandals, belts and wrist bands for men and women and custom dog collars and dog leashes

Why can’t everyone get custom Chacos? Well unfortunately they don’t do custom for kids, but they do make some pretty sweet colors for boys and girls that come in at some very reasonable pricing.



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