All New Garmin inReach Messenger Offers Off-Grid Communication

The new Garmin inReach Messenger is the smallest and most affordable satellite communicator that Garmin offers. At 3.1″ x 2.5″ x 0.9″ and $299 USD, the device provides global two-way messaging and interactive SOS when you’re out of cell service. The new InReach Messenger device pairs with the Garmin Messenger companion app.

The device weighs 4 ounces (114 grams), battery life is about double that of the older inReach Mini 2 or up to 28 days, It can even provide emergency power to dead phones, enabling users to stay in touch with friends and relatives.

Garmin inReach Messenger Battery Details

Up to 28 days with a message or location sent every 10 minutes with full sky view; up to 14 days with moderate tree cover
Up to 6 days with a message or location sent every 2 minutes with full sky view; up to 3 days with moderate tree cover
Up to 46 days with a message or location sent every 30 minutes with full sky view; up to 23 days with moderate tree cover
Up to 1 year when powered off

The new InReach Messenger can function either as a standalone device to keep in touch with friends and family when you’re in the backcountry or call for help, or you can pair it with your smartphone using the new Garmin Messenger App.

If using the device without the app, you can choose from the quick messages, or type out your message manually one character at a time like on the inReach Mini devices. If using the new Messenger app, you can use your phone’s keyboard to type out your message and send it quickly and efficiently.

While currently the new app isn’t compatible with older InReach models, it should soon work with a number of recent inReach devices. It can use satellite messaging, but can also leverage cellular/Wi-Fi networks if you’re within range, so you don’t use up the satellite messages/time from your subscription if you don’t need to.

Garmin inReach Messenger

An active satellite subscription is required to keep you connected and the price for that service ranges from $12 month to $65 month. You can suspend monthly charges if you only use the device at certain times of the year, or pay annually to receive a discounted monthly rate. If you have an emergency, the InReach Messenger and Messenger app can send an SOS message to the 24/7 staffed Garmin International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC).

You can learn more about the Garmin InReach Messenger here.



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