Gear Up for Fall with GCI Outdoor Camping Tables and Chairs

I have to admit, when the tables and then later chairs from GCI Outdoor arrived, we had no idea what their value would be. Folding tables and chairs are everywhere! It became apparent, rather quickly, that the outdoor chairs and table we currently stored in our garage for sporting events, get togethers and seating for campfires didn’t hold a match to the quality of table and chairs that arrived from GCI. Yes, there is a difference between a $20 and an $80 or over $100 chair, and we aren’t talking about the rocking aspect of it although that is a really really nice feature. We are talking about design, comfort, quality and the fact that you can sit for more than 15 minutes without starting to squirm around like a ….. or lose feeling in your legs.

GCI Outdoor Chairs Put to the Test

I have a 10 year old fold-up chair that meets my needs or so I thought. I soon came to find out that sitting in an old school fold-up (or lawn chair) for more than 20 minutes is not comfortable especially as you get older. After attending a softball game, which went on for over 2 hours, I noticed everyone had these big deluxe chairs and I laughingly rolled my eyes and thought they had over done it a tad. Well the joke was on me! 20 minutes into the game, my legs were falling asleep and I felt like I was sinking into my chair and my body was in a half-fold position. It was clear that my 10-year old fold-up was not going to cut it….especially since I had a season’s worth of summer ball lined up. The next week we were sitting in comfort and style sporting the GCI RoadTrip Rocker and GCI Easy Chair!!!!

GCI Outdoor Folding Tables

Not used everyday, but when you need them, GCI folding tables provide a well thought out design for accommodating whatever you have lined up. From the Compact Camp table which is perfect when you need that extra little side table, to the GCI Slim-Fold Cook Station there is a size to meet your needs. The Slim-Fold Cook Station is perfect whether you are setting out food for guests, tossing a camp stove on top or in our case and holding up our Ooni pizza oven.

Be sure to check out top four CGI Outdoor Items below or shop all GCI Outdoor products here.

Slim-Fold Cook Station

GCI Outdoors Slim-Fold Cook Station

Absolutely one of the best driveway grilling, snack storing, working on your bike fold up tables. If MacGyver used a fold up table this would be it.

Outdoor cook stations should make meals easier no matter what’s on the menu. This hassle-free design offers convenience with tons of features, including fold-out side tables and hooks for trash bags or utensils.

Retails for $100. Learn more / buy.

GCI RoadTrip Rocker

GCI RoadTrip Rocker

Soccer moms (and dads) will jump for joy after sitting in this living room worthy folding rocker for 2 hours. More of a hang with the guys in the driveway type of person? No problem, the GCI RoadTrip Rocker is at home on the sidelines, in the backyard or even on a road trip. You can sit for hours in comfort.

Rock and relax and keep cool on any adventure, then easily pack it up when it’s time to roll.

Retails for $100. Learn more / buy.

Compact Camp Table 20

GCI Camp Table

This folding camp table with a unique one-piece design comes in handy often. It holds up to 60 lbs. making it a great table for two, side table or even a mini workbench when working on your bike or other projects. Pairs perfectly with the Quik-E-Seat listed to the right.

Retails for $44.00 Learn more / buy.


GCI Quik-E-Seat

Belly up to the Compact Camp Table with the GCI Quik-E-Seat. This folding stool has a back rest that opens & closes in a snap. It is perfect when you don’t want to carry a big rocker. Ideal for up to 30 minutes or so. Compact, sturdy, and supportive, it’s an ideal choice for carrying from place to place. Warning, do not use in soft ground, the feet will sink :-)

Retails for $40.00 Learn more / buy.



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