Glerups Wool Slippers Review – Warm and Breathable

Whether you just finished an intense day of skiing or you’re at home enjoying a day off from work, kick back and relax inside the Glerups Wool Slippers. Inspired by active people who need to recuperate after their adventures, this cozy slipper easily slips on and breathes from its blend of merino and Gotland wool. This warm slipper is made to be worn without socks since it is constructed with a lightweight leather sole and designed with a snug fit.

During the wintertime warm feet are critical, nothing like walking around the house after being outside for hours playing and not being able to warm up. Plus standing and cooking dinner on hardwood or tiles floors can be brutal.  This felt shoe is made of 100% pure natural wool with a sole of soft calfskin. The shape of the shoe follows the contours of the foot, ensuring the shoe stays on, a very comfortable form fitting shoe. Not to mention the warmth is ideal for chilly nights. The shoe is flexible, and it keeps the foot warm and dry, due to the characteristics of the wool, as it has a great capacity of absorbing moisture.

  Glerups Wool Slippers

More on the Materials

Glerups use 100% pure and natural wool for all of their slippers. The slippers have either a sole of semi-vegetable tanned calfskin or natural rubber (except for the baby shoes, which have no outer sole). The skins are free of PCP, AZO dyes and Chromium-VI.

The wool is naturally processed and the product is closely followed all the way from sheep to your foot. The wool is washed in soft water and then carded. The carded wool is made into socks and felted by using steam. Finally, the soles are glued and sewn onto the socks, before the final finish makes the slippers ready for shipment.

The material is not itchy (at all) although you would think it would be given that they are made of 100% wool, they are actually very very soft! So all your preconceived notions of your dad’s old wool socks throw them out the window because these slippers are nothing like those!

Your Glerups Wool Slippers may “shed”

Luckily not as much as the dog, and definitely not as much your girlfriend or wife (sorry ladies). Because of the natural treatment of the wool, you may still find traces of small vegetable fibers in the felt. Furthermore, the coarsest wool fibers may work itself out of the felt, and therefore the slippers “shed” in the first days of use. This is natural, and the fibers just need to be plucked off.

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