Celebrate Global Running Day 2016 with Nathan Products

June 1 is Global Running Day, and NATHAN wants to help spread the word around of the joys of running! NATHAN believes if you run, then you’re a runner. No matter where or why, how far or how fast, NATHAN creates the essentials to make your run more enjoyable.

Share why you run and encourage friends to do the same. Just leave a comment below or on our Facebook page.

With that in mind, Under Blueis partnering with NATHAN for a giveaway in honor of Global Running Day. Based off of our Journeys in Running – we challenge you our reader to share why you run and encourage your friends to do the same. On Sunday June 5th we’ll award a SpeedShot Plus Insulated handheld, a Hipsters running belts and a LightBender RX’s. Three different prizes will be awarded to 3 lucky winners. Just let us know “why you run” in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Now a bit about the products:

SpeedShot Plus Insulated – Perfect for mid to short distance runs, this new grip-free 12 oz handheld merges comfort and ease with insulated hydration.

  • 12 oz / 355 mL double-wall insulated and hi-viz reflective SpeedShot Flask with Push-Pull Blast ValveTM cap.
  • Double-wall flask construction keeps fluids cooler 20% longer than other flasks
  • Fully-adjustable hand strap with chafe-free thumbhole enables grip-free running
  • Expandable zippered pocket for nutrition, keys, and running essentials


Hipster – This new, super-soft stretch belt keeps running essentials snug and secure around the waist, stretching to fit individual contours. It features four separate pockets and can fit up to an iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Super-soft stretch step-through belt
  • Sized to fit comfortably around your waist
  • Individually separated pockets keep your essentials in place
  • Fits up to iPhone 6+


LightBender RX – This incredibly lightweight and comfortable LED band wraps around your arms to provide 360-degree visibility that is also sweatpoof, waterproof, and change-free.  The Li-ion battery allows for convenience USB changing.

  • Lightweight and comfortable 6-lumen lighted armband
  • Switch between 3 color modes: Red, Green, and Blue
  • Multi-settings for blinking or steady stream lights
  • USB rechargeable
  • IPX4 water-resistant so you can run longer in any weather


  1. Running outside is just relaxing and an easy way to stay fit and unwind. 10 degrees or 100 degrees I will always venture outside for a run.

  2. I run because it helps me get away from anything stressing me. It’s like my own escape. I run because I’m amazed at what my body is capable of doing. I love running and I am blessed to be able to run!

  3. I love running because it makes me feel free! I will run in snow, rain, sun, and mud- different adventure every time. I’ve also met some of the most fun, wonderful people since I started running just 3 years ago.

  4. I run because when I am running, I am completely free. It’s just me and the ground, not a care in the world. It is my escape, my strength and my passion! I am a run happy kind of girl and trails are my absolute favorite.

  5. I run for physical AND mental health… when you are new to running you may just feel it in your legs and lungs, but once you’ve built a habit you feel it in your mind too (in a good way). However heavy my thoughts may be, running makes me feel lighter!

  6. I run for BEER… well for much more than that, I run for the mental break from work, life and stress, Running resets my mood and attitude and provides a much needed release.

  7. I run so I can continue to run! An object in motion stays in motion. Good for mind body and soul!

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