INFINIT Nutrition Announces New Vegan-Friendly Product

Fully Plant-based Customizable Performance Fuel for Today’s Athletes

INFINIT Nutrition, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio announcement that they will be adding a vegan-friendly protein alternative to their all-natural customizable sports line.

“We hear it all the time,” says Michael Folan, INFINIT founder and CEO, “athletes want and need options when it comes to their sports nutrition. Now our customers can create their own sports fuel that truly aligns with their personal lifestyle and dietary choices.”

Continuing INFINIT’s commitment to using only the finest natural ingredients, the new plant-based protein blend is gluten free, contains no additives or preservatives, and is a perfect option for today’s health conscious athlete. This is the latest custom option from the nutrition company whose offerings already include an electrolyte blend made with sea salt, natural flavors sweetened with pure cane sugar, and vegan-sourced branched chain amino acids (BCAAs).

Infinit Nutritionn For years, behind the scenes, the company has been testing a variety of plant based proteins and protein blends with the goal of finding a high quality, neutral tasting protein that would meet the high standards that athletes expect from INFINIT.

“The challenge was finding an acceptable alternative to the pure whey protein isolate that we have offered for over ten years, in terms of nutritional quality, palatability, and stability in heat,” says INFINIT’s VP and Director of Nutrition, Laura Hering, RDN. The exclusive vegan protein alternative option pairs organic sprouted brown rice protein and faba bean protein which creates the ideal combination of essential amino acids needed for energy, muscle growth, repair, and maintenance.

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