Kamado Joe DōJoe Pizza Maker

Transform your Kamado Joe Konnected Joe or any of their Kamado-style grills into a best-in-class pizza oven with the Kamado Joe DōJoe pizza maker. Create authentic-styled pizzas with a true wood-fired taste on your existing grill with the DōJoe accessory. The setup is designed to effortlessly maintain steady temperatures ranging from 400°F to 700°F with a distinctive wedge shape while allowing full visibility to monitor your pizza during cooking without the hassle of opening and closing the grill dome.

The Kamado Joe does a pretty good job on pizza without the DōJoe Pizza Maker, but why not go for the ultimate culinary experience? Compared to other pizza ovens, such as the Ooni, the price is solid, and it takes up less room on your patio.

Kamado Joe DōJoe Pizza Maker Features

  • Innovative wedge shape to maintain steady temperatures without opening or closing the grill dome
  • Maintain internal grill temperatures over the course of hours
  • Made from premium cast aluminum material
  • Full visibility inside to monitor pizzas during the cooking process
  • Classic Joe size fits all Kamado Joe Classic Joe® Series and Konnected Joe™ grills
  • Big Joe size fits all Kamado Joe Big Joe® Series grills

Look for a full review of the Kamado Joe DōJoe coming soon, but in the meantime, you can check one out at kamadojoe.com.

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