Kid’s Activities in Park City, Utah

Kid’s Activities in Park City are abundant! Are we there yet? I’m bored! I don’t want to go for another hike! We’ve heard them all and that list was just the beginning. Trying to keep everyone happy on a trip is like finding a TV show everyone wants to watch. While on a mountain biking trip in Park City, Utah we snuck away for a couple of days and explored what all the area had to offer.

Utah Olympic Park

Utah’s Olympic Park is the spot of the 2002 Winter Olympics, how cool is that?!?! Check out the museum, watch world class skiers do flips into a pool or go seek your own adventure; there is something for kids of all ages. Zip-lines, extreme tubing, rope course, drop towers, rock walls and air bag jumps all highlight Utah Olympic Park.

Adults won’t get bored either with the zip-line course, extreme tubing on the MUCH larger hills, or our favorite, bobsledding. Fly down the same track as the 2002 Olympic luge, skeleton and bobsled at speeds in excess of 75 mph in one of the most thrilling rides of your life. This is something to add to the bucket list.

Utah Olympic Park
It is not a kid’s activity but the bobsled will be loved by adults.

Deer Valley Chairlifting

Riding chair lifts might not sound like the most thrilling thing, but when there are ice cream sandwiches part way up the mountain and snowball fights at the top, all of that equals one great time. Swing by Deer Valley and hop on the Silver Lake Express, their high speed chair lift, and take a break half way up to visit the Royal Street Café for lunch or a snack and a blueberry mojito for mom and dad.

Kid's Activities in Park City, Utah
The views from the Silver Lake Express chair lift are pretty amazing. The lift passes over Olympic sites, million dollar homes and overlooks the mountain bike trails.
Play in the snow
Deer Valley still had a ton of snow on the ground in June, and although it was a tad dirty it made for some good snow balls.
Cookies at Deer Valley Resort
The ice cream sandwiches from Royal Street Café made several appearances in our Utah roundup and it’s for good reason. Also be sure to check out the espresso ice cream as well.

Park City Adventure Park

Park City Mountain’s Adventure Park is your one stop shop for all things summer. From high-speed alpine rides, mountain biking to peaceful hiking trails, there are so many ways for your family to enjoy this park!

The kids can ride, slide, climb, flip, run or pan for gems while parents can join in the fun or just sit back and relax. Just minutes from downtown Park City, this adventure park is sure to make everyone happy. If mom or dad want to sneak away for a run or ride, lift service and trail rides start at the bottom of the mountain, so you don’t have far to go.

Kid's Activities in Park City, Utah
The mountain coaster and the mountain slide are perfect for kids and adults wanting to have a good time. PRO TIP: The heavier you are the faster you go so double up to go faster with speeds pushing 30mph.
Kid's Activities in Park City, Utah
Chairlift it up and slide it back down, that is how they roll in Park City. Take the lift part way up the mountain and hop on a sled or zip-line and cruise back down.

Cool Off !!

Cool off, and we do mean cool off, from the hot mountain sun in some nice chilly 70 degree mountain water. Two days ago it was snow in the mountains, today it is another sort of playground. Just outside of town you’ll find AQUAxZONE and Island Aqua Park. Don’t think you are going to Great Wolf Lodge, these water parks are on the lake. Swim out 30 yards and hop on the floating bounce houses and obstacle course and be a kid. Life jackets are required for all kids and adults.

Park City Water Park
Run, jump, climb and jump some more at this giant bounce house on the lake.


So hiking might not be a kids first choice but the rewards are pretty amazing. Mountain streams, amazing views and wildlife. Hiking trails are pretty much everywhere in Park City; just make sure to follow the trail rules and wear plenty of sun screen.

Kid's Activities in Park City, Utah
The best way to hike is in one direction, and the direction is DOWNHILL. Take a lift to the top and enjoy an nice leisurely stroll down the mountain.

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