Let Kids be Kids

Let kids be curious, courageous and care-free. Let them pad around in bare feet, stay out past dark, sleep under the stars. Let them eat a little dirt, climb tall trees and earn scars that tell stories. Let them disconnect from glowing screens, color outside the lines and raise their outdoor voices. Let them test their limits—and ours.

Kids are meant to be kids. So let them be.
Let them eat dirt, climb tall trees, and earn scars that tell stories.

Presented by Patagonia Kids. They’ve always made clothes to hold up to all the fun they can get into, and for generations of wear. And every year we’ve worked to make those clothes with materials that have a lighter impact on the environment, the one our kids will grow up to protect. Shop Patagonia Kids.

Are My Patagonia Kids’ Clothes Shrinking

Your kids’ Patagonia clothes aren’t shrinking; your kids are growing. Don’t have anyone to pass on their gear (or yours) to? Send it to Patagonia for credit toward new and used Patagonia products. They’ll wash it and make sure it stays in play and out of the landfill. Trade in or Shop Patagonia Kids.



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