Nissan Shows Trucks Wrecking Rivers

For some reason the auto industry feels that only to promote getting to the outdoors is by wrecking them. In this latest video, Nissan is in over its head with their latest ad showing trucks wrecking rivers.

Sick of seeing ads with trucks plowing through rivers? For some reason, certain advertising executives think the only way to demonstrate a truck’s ability to get people to the great outdoors is to… ruin the great outdoors! Nissan is the latest to whiff.  Trout Unlimited’s Chris Wood just called the company out on it.  This is something we as the fly-fishing industry should add our voices to now. 

Angling Trade Editors

Several years ago, Jeep ran a dumb ad on Super Bowl Sunday showing a truck running up the middle of a creek. Earlier this year, Ford pulled the same stunt. And, now Nissan. Its 2022 Frontier has been breaking into the baseball playoffs to barrel through streams.

Words from the Community

Trout Unlimited invests tens of millions of dollars every year to care for and recover our rivers and streams. Our efforts to protect headwater streams also serve to reduce downstream drinking water filtration costs. When we reconnect rivers to their floodplains, we help diminish the effects of devastating flooding. When we restore rivers and streams, we are creating high paying family wage jobs in rural communities across America.

We are all about cold, clean, fishable water. Layer climate change on top of logging, mining, and other development, and you can begin to understand why seeing a half-ton pickup joyriding in a stream gets me a little worked up.

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