North Face Flight Ventrix Jacket

Bring on the brutal winter weather and don’t be scared, the North Face Flight Ventrix Jacket has you covered. Featuring dynamic venting that works when you do, this high-performance running jacket will keep you going longer when the temp drops. Ventrix™ insulation delivers lightweight breathability, warmth and protection, while the stretch-where-you-need-it works with your high-aerobic activity. Now there is no excuse for not running, breath while working out and stay warm when hanging out. Available in men’s and women’s. Retails: $199.95 | Men’s | Women’s

North Face Light Ventrix Jacket

So How Does The North Face Flight Ventrix Jacket Work?

Perforations in key zones open with movement, allowing excess heat and perspiration to escape when aerobic output is high so the weather doesn’t overheat and sweat out. During times of decreased activity, the perforations remain closed, sealing in heat to keep the wearer warm and ready for the next effort.



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