eqpd DoubleWide Tote Review

The eqpd DoubleWide Tote sat in our office for several days before we really new what to do with it. Take it to the farmer’s market and load up with fruits and veggies, maybe toss my workout gear in it, or use it at the next cookout to carry 4 bottles of wine and a lot of cheese and crackers. Of course with the latter, I may not remember to actually do the review.

Well I guess it doesn’t really matter, the eqpd Wide Tote (we had the double wide size) is the perfect solution — a durable as hell bag made of 100-percent recycled material. Spots for shoes, wine, clothes, food, even the neighbors little dog.

eqpd DoubleWide Tote
We tested and you can fit a lot of crap into the DoubleWide model.

Made in Twisp, WA by eqpd (pronounced “equipped”), the durable tote stands up on its own, folds flat when not in use and can easily be packed away. The DoubleWide Tote measures 20″w x 12″h x 10″d with four – 4″ diameter side pockets and 1600 cubic inches to store your goods. It’s little brother, the SingleWide boasts 800 cubic inches of space and is 5″ deep. Both totes are available in a wide range of colors and are made from recyclable plastic.

Separation is the key, with the ability to separate items like travel mugs, water bottles, dirty shoes, tools, snacks and wine bottles in the round, self-draining side pockets, you’ll never have to worry about spilling something on that clean pile of clothes.
The 5″ x 7″ interior zip pocket is perfect for wallets, watches, business cards, etc. They can all stay stashed in the side pack for quick access. In our case, we just shove as much crap in here as we can.
4 pockets total make up the exterior compartments. Shown above is a pair of Chaco flip-flops and a 32-ounce Hydroflask ready for a little post run consumption.
Double thickness, oil-stoned leather handles are comfy, look good and are also riveted in for extra durability. An adjustable/cross body shoulder strap also comes with the bag for easy carrying.

Cleaning is a snap, for best results leave standing, crushing or trying to fold will decrease its ability to stand over time. Wash with water or dish soap, and let air dry. Treat leather appropriately. 

Overall Thoughts:

The DoubleWide is my new “Go-to” gear bag and I love it. eqpd tags this as a tote, something nice you can take to the store or the market, but we are branding it as a gear bag. After tossing some of my workout clothes in here, my wife would kill me if I tossed some fruits, veggies and cheese in there. I also don’t want my workout clothes smelling like that aged blue cheese she puts on everything, but that is another story.

The DoubleWide Tote retails for $125.00 and the SingleWide retails for $89.00. The bags are not cheap, but well worth it and eqpd does offer some other bags at a lower price point. Compared to Patagonia’s Ultralight Black Hole Tote and few others, the DoubleWide is in the ballpark for price and size.

Learn more at eqpdgear.com Proudly Made in Twisp, WA.



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