Roofnest Launches All-New Meadowlark XL Rooftop Tent

Roofnest reveals the Meadowlark XL soft-shell rooftop tent. Meadowlark XL is Roofnest’s second soft-shell rooftop tent model. Unlike traditional two- to three-person soft-shell rooftop tents, which dominate a majority of a vehicle’s roof, the long and narrow Meadowlark XL only takes up a fraction of the roof and is ideal for weekend adventurers

The small footprint (when packed). is achieved through Meadowlark’s distinct longitudinal fold-out design; campers sleep inline with the length of their vehicle, not perpendicular. This frees up half of the roof’s real estate for other gear like bikes, kayaks, fishing poles, skis, or other outdoor adventure items.

“We have completely redesigned or refreshed the entire Roofnest lineup in the last 18 months. Meadowlark XL is the final piece of the puzzle and underscores our dedication to offering smart, high-quality roof top tents at every price point.

Meadowlark XL bridges the gap between the entry-level but high-value Meadowlark soft-shell and the Sparrow hard-shell line. More than an extremely versatile and affordable three-person tent, Meadowlark XL’s slim, narrow form demonstrates Roofnest’s design leadership and gives customers more choices in how they camp and recreate outdoors.”

Roofnest CEO Bob Africa
Roofnest Meadowlark XL Rooftop Tent
Roofnest’s Meadowlark XL Rooftop Tent Leaves Room for Adventure Meadowlark XL is for weekend warriors who don’t want to sacrifice their rig’s entire roof.

Meadowlark XL is designed for campers who don’t necessarily want to sacrifice their entire roof to their rooftop tent. When closed, the Meadowlark XL is just 30 inches wide, which is half the width of an average roof top tent. To put that into perspective, a fifth-gen 4Runner with a Meadowlark XL mounted to Yakima HD crossbars will have 38 inches of crossbar real estate remaining that can be used for carrying wider gear like a kayak or mountain bike.

Traditional soft-shell rooftop tents have always been an exercise in compromise. To save on weight and cost, customers would have to sacrifice ease of setup and interior comfort. In stark contrast, Meadowlark XL deploys full in a matter of moments — without requiring any cumbersome guylines or ground stakes — and comfortably sleeps up to three people atop its generous 2.5-inch dual-density foam mattress.

Roofnest Meadowlark XL Rooftop Tent

Meadowlark XL is designed to be Roofnest’s lightest 3-person rooftop tent and one of the most versatile, comfortable, and easiest-to-use soft-shell roof top tents on the market.

Roofnest Meadowlark XL Rooftop Tent

Back at home, campers are able to uninstall Meadowlark from their vehicle and store it safely — be it in a garage, closet, or on an apartment balcony

At 30” wide when closed, Meadowlark XL is half the width of a standard roof top tent and frees up
half of the vehicle’s roof for other gear, like bikes, kayaks, fishing poles, skis, and more.

Inside the Meadowlark XL Rooftop Tent

Interior illumination comes from three windows and two skylights as well as the standard roof-mounted dimmable LED light strip. Compared to other soft-shell roof top tents, Meadowlark XL offers ample natural light and the LEDs are a bonus at night.

Back at home, campers are able to uninstall Meadowlark from their vehicle and store it safely — be it in a garage, closet, or on an apartment balcony — due to its manageable size and weight (100 lbs). Meadowlark XL’s robust construction also enables it to be stored on any of its sides, be it on end or laid out flat.

The Meadowlark XL is priced at $1,995.00. Customers can learn more about the Meadowlark XL here.

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Roofnest Meadowlark XL Rooftop Tent Specifications

  • Closed exterior dimensions: 83″ x 30” x 13”
  • Open interior dimensions: 80″ x 58″ x 40”
  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Interior weight capacity: 450
  • Sleeps: 2-3
  • Tent material: 190GSM coated Polycotton (waterproof rating of 2000mm)
  • Mattress thickness: 2.5” dual-density
  • Style: Soft-shell foldout
  • Ladder Length: 7.5’
  • Ladder max capacity: 300
  • Included: 2.5″ Dual-Density Foam Mattress; Tent Cover; 7.5′ Ladder; Universal Mounting Kit; Ladder Hardware Kit; Rain Fly; 2 Detachable Shoe Bags; 2 Closer Straps; Interior LED lights
    ● MSRP: $1,995.00



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