Laws Whiskey House Releases Headwaters Series to Support Colorado’s Vital Rivers

Laws Whiskey House is proud to announce the release of its Headwaters Series Four Grain Bourbon, the first in a limited series dedicated to celebrating and conserving Colorado’s vital rivers through awareness, consumer education, and charitable donations. Laws’ Headwaters Series is designed to spark conversation around water conservation in the West and support organizations dedicated to safeguarding Colorado’s rivers by donating ten percent of the sales from the Headwaters collection to Colorado’s leading water conservation programs.

Laws Whiskey House HeadwaterSeries
Laws Headwaters Series Four Grain Bourbon. The Denver-based distillery’s limited-edition whiskey collection is dedicated to celebrating and conserving Colorado’s rivers through awareness, education, and charitable donations.

The Colorado River –– the most endangered river system in the US according to the leading non-profit American Rivers –– is the focal point of Laws’ first Headwaters Series release, the Headwaters Series Four Grain Bourbon. This special bourbon is made with the highest quality corn and heirloom wheat, barley, and rye from family-owned farms in Colorado. After three years in charred oak barrels, influenced by Denver’s high-altitude climate, this Colorado Bourbon was proofed to 50% alc/vol with a portion of water from the Rocky Mountain-fed headwaters of the Colorado River. The result is an entirely novel bourbon with flavors of orange peel, cinnamon, vanilla custard, sweet tobacco, and spice with a rich, dry finish.

“We’re doing our part to conserve Colorado’s rivers for future generations by implementing efficient systems and industry-leading wastewater recycling at our distillery, but we can’t save Colorado’s rivers on our own,” shares Al Laws, founder of Laws Whiskey House. “Our goal for the Headwaters Series is to bring attention to the fact that our home state of Colorado houses eight major river basins that supply water to millions of people, and they need our help.”

 Al Laws, founder of Laws Whiskey House

Laws’ Headwaters Series acknowledges that water plays a crucial role in whiskey production from start to finish. Water is used for mashing and cooking grain, proofing the unaged spirit into the barrel, and preparing the final abv to highlight the perfect expression. It is an integral part of the production process for cooling and steam-powering pot stills. As a Colorado-based distillery at the forefront of the state’s sustainability movement – with initiatives pioneering water, energy, and resource conservation – Laws created the Headwaters Series to give back to the rivers that fuel the distillery’s production. The Colorado River flows nearly 1,500 miles from Colorado’s Rocky Mountains to Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, providing drinking water to 40 million people and fueling a $1.4 trillion agricultural industry and recreational economy, according to the leading authority, American Rivers.

Ten percent of Headwaters Series Four Grain Bourbon sales will benefit the Shoshone Water Right Preservation, working toward permanently protecting the largest and most senior non-consumptive water on the Colorado River. 

Laws Headwaters Series’ Four Grain Bourbon is available online at for $84.99, benefitting an iconic American river that nourishes the West.



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