ODLO Zeroweight Cycling Apparel Review

We’ve all seen ODLO cycling apparel being worn by Nino Schurter and the SCOTT-SRAM team, but it’s also one of those “where do I find it” brands. Well, that is the hard part. ODLO cycling apparel is not easily found in the U.S., actually, just within the last six months they have begun a slow rollout through gear.com and this is just a small percent of their overall lineup.

For the record, I am 6’2″ tall and weigh in at 178 lbs on a good day and a size large fit perfect.

Odlo Zeroweight Review / ODLO Zeroweight Cycling Apparel / OPEN UP Bike
Shown above is the Zeroweight bibs, Zeroweight Ceramicool Pro jersey and Dual Dry cycling jacket.

ODLO Zeroweight Cycling shorts

Soft is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the ODLO Zero-weight Cycling bibs or as ODLO likes to call them, the “Cycling Shorts with suspenders.” ODLO uses a very unique, highly elastic fabric called Tricot Power Stretch Active fabric for the main panels (shorts part) that is 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane and is incredibly soft to the touch. I was actually a little worried about the durability when mountain biking or getting off the beaten path, but not the case.

With cold weather coming you’ll appreciate the leg grippers. Nothing irritates me more than a pair of leg warmers or knee warmers sliding down because a pair of shorts offer a crappy designed leg band, or conversely when the shorts ride up on those same warmers. While on the outside the leg band appears to be nothing special, the inside is coated with a fine rubber-like coating that grips pretty well.

Odlo Zeroweight Review

While we are talking about leg panels and grippers let’s talk about the length. Being 6’2″ sometimes you end up with a pair of cycling shorts that even a young John McEnroe would be proud of. Not the case here, while maybe an extra 1/2 inch in length would be nice, they were not short enough that I found myself pulling them down every couple of miles.

Inside, your underside is protected by what ODLO calls their Silver level Chamois. Designed for increased ventilation, the Silver padding has high density and great moisture management for better comfort on long-distance rides. The chamois in this short is comfortable and does the job. Riding in that 50 to 60-mile range the short held up well in the comfort area. Granted we did use a little Chamois Butt’r on it but that is the norm around here.

Overall a really nice bib short for the money. Design, material choices, and fit were all there with a very nice price point for this short. Available in the U.S. for $115.00 at Gear.com.

ODLO Zeroweight Ceramicool Pro Cycling Jersey

When out on the bike this is a jersey you’ll appreciate. From high performing materials to the form-fitting design, the Ceramicool Pro jersey won’t let you down. On blistering hot days, you’ll appreciate the Ceramicool technology, which is designed to actively cool your skin by up to 1°C. While that may not seem like a lot, remember we are in a sport where people are constantly looking for an advantage; and speaking of advantages, the form-fitting design will make those long days on the open road go faster.

The slightest of changes can have a dramatic effect. For instance, a one degree increase in body temperature can result in a 15% reduction in the brain’s performance. It can also mean the difference between winning and losing; if the body heats up by more than one degree, fatigue sets in.


Like the shorts mentioned above, ODLO uses some very nice materials on the Ceramicool Pro jersey. Aerodynamic patterns, hems, and fabric placements offer an extra-streamlined design for better speed and comfort. Three back pockets provide storage for important items such as your phone, tools, and food. One thing it does not offer is a small zippered pocket for credit cards or cash.

Additional features include a full-length zipper, reflective details, and an elastic silicone gripper on the bottom. Overall, a really nice fitting jersey that feels great against the skin, breathes well, and has a great fit!

The ODLO Zeroweight Ceramicool Pro Cycling Jersey retails for $105.00 and can be found at gear.com.

ODLO Zeroweight Ceramicool Pro Cycling Jersey
On the aerodynamic side, the fit is tight and comfortable and the sleeves are designed with aerodynamic hems that have a reflective border. 
ODLO Zeroweight Ceramicool Pro Cycling Jersey
ODLO Zero-weight Ceramicool Pro Cycling Jersey has a secure zippered pocket and three back pockets that provide the ideal amount of storage for important items you need when you’re on the road.

ODLO Zeroweight Dual Dry Cycling Jacket

By far our favorite piece from ODLO and if the weather is even remotely looking gloomy, this jacket is in our jersey pocket. I enjoy this piece so much, sometimes I just sit and wait for it to rain, then call friends to ride. I then get to wear my Dual Dry jacket and look like a badass (or dumbass depending on the point of view).

A very well thought out design and material make this jacket a must-have for when the weather is looking spotty or your ride is heading into the mountains where weather can be fickle. This jacket is also great for morning rides that start off a little chilly and then within the ride, the outer layer will need to be stuff in a pocket.

ODLO Zeroweight Dual Dry Cycling Jacket
One large pocket on the back is ideal for quick access to food or to stash a pair of gloves during a ride. Any extra long back helps keep your butt dry in wet conditions.
ODLO Zeroweight Dual Dry Cycling Jacket
Utilizing innovative microclimate management technology, this jacket is designed to make sure you stay dry on the inside when conditions are challenging on the outside.

Utilizing innovative microclimate management technology, this jacket is designed to make sure you stay dry on the inside when conditions are challenging on the outside. Dual Dry Waterproof protection delivers a nice balance of waterproofing and breathability to keep you comfortable on your ride. I have worn this jacket on colder morning rides and also in some steady drizzles and it has worked flawlessly. Another great option for this jacket is using it for mountain biking, wearing it until you hit the trails, and are sheltered from the wind, then toss it in a jersey pocket.

The Zeroweight Dual Dry Cycling Jacket retails for $220.00 and can be found on gear.com.

Odlo Zeroweight Review
When the rain is falling and light is low, a highly reflective trim on the jacket gives you enhanced visibility. For easy storage when the sun returns pack away in its own zippered pocket for easy storage.



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