Pearl iZUMi Men’s PRO Merino Thermal Jersey

We feel there are few things better than the feeling of nice warm wool on cool days, and Pearl’s Pro Merino Thermal Jersey hits the nail on the head when it comes to keeping us toasty while we ride. It packs in just enough insulation to keep you going when temperatures take a dive.

Pearl iZUMi PRO Merino Thermal Jersey
This 60/40 blend of responsibly sourced wool and nylon won’t stretch out of shape and is more durable than wool alone.

There’s nothing quite like the warmth and properties of Merino wool, one of natures most technical fabrics. Mix merino with other wicking fabrics and you get even better performance. This 60/40 blend of responsibly sourced wool and nylon won’t stretch out of shape and is more durable than wool alone, plus it’s softer than a kitten. Hand-stitched details add an understated touch of class. Three pockets plus a zippered security pocket will carry whatever you need for all day in the saddle.

Merino Wool Performs

Rain, wind, sleet and cool weather all threw their hand at the PRO Merino Thermal Jersey and at the end of the day it handled them with flying colors. On cooler days that drop into the low 40’s, you might want to pair with a vest or lighter weight jacket, but 45 degree and up were the sweet spot, depending on if you are wearing a base layer.

The Men’s Pro Merino Thermal Jersey has been my go-to jersey this spring. If the weather is calling for rain or cooler weather this is what I pull from the closet. Pair it with the Men’s PRO Bib Short and be comfortable all day.

Simple Yet Stylish Design

The Pearl Izumi Pro Merino Thermal Jersey is most definitely a cycling jersey, but because it’s made from 57 percent Merino wool, lacks the big bright team logos and neon colors, there is absolutely no reason I can’t wear it hiking or during any other outdoor activity. Being a simple design, you can even wear it into the coffee shop or grocery store and not get those weird looks.

Pearl iZUMi PRO Merino Thermal Jersey
At 6’2″ tall and some lanky arms it would be nice to have an extra inch or so of sleeve (Tester was 176 pounds and wore a size medium). The jersey shown above is paired with the Men’s PRO Bib Shorts.
Pearl iZUMi PRO Merino Thermal Jersey
The tall collar will help hold in extra warmth and will be your friend on chilly days. The women’s thermal jersey features a slightly shorter collar.
Pearl iZUMi PRO Merino Thermal Jersey
Subtle stitched design lines on the chest panel of the jersey break up the solid color and integrates the Pearl iZUMi logo as well. The full length zipper makes easy to throw on and peel off when the temperatures change, and is also one hand friendly.
Pearl iZUMi PRO Merino Thermal Jersey
Four pockets, 3 back drop-in and one back zippered provide room for all your snacks, tubes and phone for a days ride. We found the zippered pocket perfect for credit cards and cash.
Pearl iZUMi BioViz accents
Stay seen when days get dark and dreary thanks to BioViz/reflective accents.

Merino Wool Care

USE SIMPLE DETERGENTS WITH NO ADDITIVES. Never use detergents with fabric softeners, perfumes or any additive type product. The general rule of thumb is the simpler the better. Many detergents with additives leave “surfactants” behind on a fabric’s fibers that inhibit the technical performance. Typically the best detergents to use will have “Clear” or “Free” in their names. Don’t pour the detergent directly onto the clothing, put it in the washer first, when you start the water. In other words …. READ THE CONTENT CARE LABEL or visit the care portion on Pearl iZUMi’s site.

Overall Thoughts!

Overall it is a pricey jersey but still inline with a lot other brands. It’s one of those essential items we’d recommend for any cyclist’s closet. With a modern sleek design and merino wool blend, the thermal jersey is our go-to for cooler days as a mid-weight layer or outer shell.

The Pearl iZUMi Pro Merino Thermal Jersey retails for $195.00 and is available in teal and black. Learn more at

PEARL iZUMi also offers a Women’s version of this jersey as well. The women’s jersey is available in beet red and black.



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