Recovery From Those Hard Workouts With TriggerPoint

Recover from those hard workouts with TriggerPoint. Customers can use the code NEWYEAR25 at checkout to save 25% on select products through Sunday 1/10/2021. Be sure to recover properly from those long rides and workouts.

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Our Favorite Recovery Tools from TriggerPoint

GRID® 2.0 Foam Roller

Featuring a hollow core design, the TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller is composed of a patented multi-density foam surface to deliver firm compression on tight muscles, knots, and kinks. Replicating the feeling of a massage therapist’s hands, and helping promote the flow of blood and oxygen needed to repair muscles. Ideal for beginners to advanced rollers, Learn More / Buy Online.

GRID® X Ball

The GRID X Ball is an extra-firm 5-inch massage ball to help target muscles in hard to reach areas such as shoulders, traps, and hips. Providing a deep tissue massage, the GRID X Ball has a firmer surface than the original GRID Ball to withstand more pressure and help relieve sore muscles. Foam rolling can help to aid in faster recovery by increasing the blood and oxygen flow to muscles. Learn More / Buy Online.

STK® Sleek

The STK® Sleek Massage Stick helps improve flexibility and optimize movement as it compresses and rolls across muscles. Its AcuGRIP® surface provides moderate compression and grips the skin while rolling decreases muscle tension and improves circulation. The lightweight design is travel-friendly, so you can take it anywhere. Learn More / Buy Online.

MB1® Massage Ball

The MB1® Massage Ball provides direct deep-tissue compression to quickly relieve aches, pains, and muscle fatigue in small areas. It can be used on any surface, so you can roll anytime, anywhere. Learn More / Buy Online.

TriggerPoint IMPACT Percussion Massage Gun

Included in this sale is the TriggerPoint IMPACT Percussion Massage Gun. Designed to prepare your muscles and help you recover faster pre- and post- workout, the high-performance IMPACT™ massage gun delivers controllable and targeted deep tissue massage with four speed settings. With an affordable retail price of $199.99, the new IMPACT™ also boasts a quiet, brushless motor which maximizes battery life and reduces noise.

TriggerPoint IMPACT Percussion Massage Gun

The IMPACT™ Percussion Massage Gun can be used before training to activate muscle groups and after a workout to help accelerate recovery time. Unique to the IMPACT™, the shorter head-to-handle distance provides enhanced control and dexterity. The high-performance massage gun increases blood flow to help relieve sore and stiff muscles and help accelerate recovery time. An angled handle with a top-weighted design provides more comfort, a better grip, and easily allows you to control pressure. The universal massage head is optimized for use on multiple muscle groups to improve range of motion.

“The new IMPACT™ Percussion Massage Gun was developed to give consumers precise deep tissue massage, quietly and comfortably – all at a consumer-friendly price and with quality materials,” said Gordie Taylor, TriggerPoint product line manager at Implus. “Percussion massage offers consumers more options for muscle recovery, as an alternate or complement to foam rolling, and we are excited to launch the IMPACT™ Percussion Massage Gun at an accessible price point.”

TriggerPoint’s mission is to provide innovative products and education that increase, enhance, and restore movement. Percussion massage applies pulses of concentrated pressure into your muscle tissue and promotes hydration of muscle tissue, as well as increases blood flow and range of motion pre- and post-workout. The new TriggerPoint IMPACT™ Percussion Massage Gun adds a new motorized massage tool to the company’s versatile portfolio of innovative massage therapy and recovery tools.

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