Video: Riding Across Haida Gwaii On A Foodless Odyssey

Riding Across Haida Gwaii, an 11-minute documentary of a seven-day backpacking trip. We ran across this video on Outside TV and talk about an epic trip. When Matt Hunter set out with Charlie McLellan, Anthill director Darcy Wittenburg and photographer Nicolas Teichrob to bikepack around the remote island of Haida Gwaii, they did so with… no food. They would forage, fish, and hunt every meal or snack they consumed for seven days and 207 km, living off the land much like the local Haida have done for centuries.

Anthill Films shot, edited, and produced Foodless Odyssey, an eleven-minute documentary following the journey and the survival tactics employed by these four mountain bikers. After airing on Season 8 of OutsideTV’s Dispatches, the full video is now online for all to see.

Where is Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii is an archipelago approximately 30-40 mi off the northern Pacific coast of Canada. Part of the Canadian province of British Columbia, the islands are formerly and still commonly known as the Queen Charlotte Island. Haida Gwaii consists of two main islands: Graham or North Island in the north and Moresby Island in the south, along with approximately 150 smaller islands with a total landmass of 3,931 sq mi. Other major islands include Anthony Island, Burnaby Island, Alder Island, and Kunghit Island.

Some of the islands are protected under federal legislation as Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site, which is mostly on Moresby Island and containing adjoining islands and islets. Also protected, but under provincial jurisdiction, are several provincial parks, the largest of which is Naikoon Provincial Park on northeastern Graham Island. The islands are home to an abundance of wildlife, including the largest subspecies of black bear and also the smallest subspecies of stoat. Black-tailed deer and raccoon are introduced species that have become abundant. (source: Wikipedia)

Riding Across Haida Gwaii
Pesuta Shipwreck, Naikoon Provincial Park, Haida Gwaii British Columbia Canada is on of the many scenes you’ll see riding across Haida Gwaii.



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