Rolf Ares6 ES Wheelset

New for 2015, Rolf Prima debuted their Ares6 ES carbon clincher, focused at a realistic price. The Ares6 ES borrows the same rim profile from their upper end line of wheels and laces it on their TDF3.0 hubset to create a mid-priced all-carbon clincher wheel set that is suitable for most riders and racers out there. Rolling in at $1899 the Ares6 ES offers a lot of wheel for the money.

We were lucky enough to put in some good miles on the Ares6 ES wheels, and the only complaint was we had to send them back to the folks at Rolf Prima.

Rolf uses a “Delta Rim Technology” on all their carbon wheels now, using an increased width and sidewall shaping to improve airflow and stability in straight on and crosswind situations. This wider rim is not just faster, but the additional tire support improves cornering and handling in all riding conditions. It is just not Rolf Prima using this general theory, but others in the industry as well.

The Ares6 ES uses a 60mm deep rim which will keep you humming along the open road. Weighing approximately 80 grams more then the Ares6 , it may not be the best wheel for long climbs, but it is still relatively light at 1620 grams. The combination of a 60mm deep rim and paired spokes make it a great wheel for time trails, flat to rolling races and laying down some smack on the weekend rides.


Like all Rolf Prima wheels, the Ares6 ES uses the company’s patented “paired spokes technology” along with “differential hub flange diameter” design. The paired spoke concept allows for a spoke tension that is higher than what many other wheels can achieve with a traditional lacing pattern, all the while using fewer spokes than most conventional designs. Placing the left and right pulling spokes next to each other offsets their pulling pressure, allowing certain models of the Ares line to have as few as 16 spokes to reduce weight and improve aerodynamics.

The Ares6 uses Rolf Prima’s TdF3.0 hubs front and rear. They are forged proprietary hubs with CNC machined flanges to remove excess weight, give clean lines and keep the cost down. The freehub body is also a forged alloy and is equipped with steel bearings. Higher end hubs (4.4 and 5.5) feature upgraded bearings, ti freehub bodies and a CNC machined shell.

The Rolf Prima Ares6 hubs up close and personal.

The forged aluminum freehub body has 3 sprung steel pawls for a quick and bomb-proof torque transfer system. Rolf says the system is strong, simple and dependable. Rear hubs are available in Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo 10/11-speed compatible.

All of Rolf Prima hubs are designed and engineered in-house. The Tdf3.0 hubs are manufactured off-shore specifically for Rolf Prima to their specs.


The Ares6 ES handed some great mid-west pothole covered roads, gravel roads, brick streets, a step here or there and they stayed perfectly true. I personally could not find a flaw with their durability.

You might not be able to see the Rolf logo on the rim strips while cruising down the road at 28mph but they sure do look sharp when you pull them out of the box.


Wheel Size 700c
Weight 1620g [695g/925g]
Spoke Count 16/20
Spoke Type Bladed CX-Speed
Rim Depth 60mm
Rim Width (max) 27mm Delta Rim Profile
Brake track Width (external) 24.5mm
Brake track Width (internal) 17mm
Rim Material Carbon Clincher
Hubset TdF3.0
Bearings Steel Cartridge
Freehub Material Forged Alloy
Includes Quick release skewers, reinforced rim strips, carbon specific brake pads and valve extenders
MSRP $1899/set
Our Ritte Vlaanderen looks ready to take on the Tour!



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