Swiftwick’s New Pursuit Ultralights Socks

Meet the NEW PURSUIT™ Ultralight 

The newest iteration of your favorite wool socks is here: PURSUIT™ Ultralight. Swiftwick combined an ultralight footbed with our all-season natural Merino Wool to create their most durable, comfortable sock with an incredibly low profile. Here’s what makes PURSUIT Ultralight so special.

The Fiber 

PURSUIT Ultralight is constructed with nature’s original technical fiber, Merino Wool. This wool creates extra soft, all-season comfort in addition to its supreme wicking capabilities. Your feet will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Barely There Feeling

With the latest addition to the PURSUIT family, explorers who prefer minimal cushion can rejoice. PURSUIT Ultralight combines the premiere moisture wicking technology you know and love with a thinner footbed to keep you connected to the ground you adventure on. Don’t worry if you prefer more cushion – our original PURSUIT and PURSUIT HIKE socks are still there to bring you comfort.

To The Heights 

What about the cuff height, you ask? The new Ultralight line is available in our most popular cuff heights: Zero Tab, One, Four, and Seven (all measured in inches from the ankle). If you prefer running in Zeros and biking in Fours, you can do it all with Ultralight.

Swiftwick Pursuit Ultralight for Trail Running, Lifestyle and More

The Swiftwick Pursuit Ultralight is constructed with the lightest weight, fine-gauge Merino Wool and provides maximum moisture and sweat management. The Pursuit Ultralight wicks moisture and dries quickly, so your feet stay dry and blister-free wherever your adventures take you. The thin, breathable design also features a reinforced heel and toe to maximize durability. It has all the benefits of merino wool but is extremely lightweight, ensuring a great fit in any performance shoe. The Pursuit Ultralight is ideal for running, hiking, cycling/MTB, golf or also makes a great everyday lifestyle sock. 

Pricing varies by cuff height: Zero: $16.99 | One: $17.99 | Four: $19.99. Learn more at Swiftwick.com.

Swiftwick Pursuit Ultralights

Swiftwick Pursuit Hike for Hiking and Outdoors

The Swiftwick Pursuit Hike has launched with a refreshed design. The addition of Swiftwick’s signature Olefin fiber to the proven outdoor performance of Merino Wool makes it the driest hiking sock in its class. Lightweight Olefin wicks moisture and dries quickly, while the unique structure of Merino Wool absorbs moisture without feeling soggy or losing the ability to regulate temperature. Lightweight top with extra cushion underfoot for hiking shoes and boots. The six inch cuff crew sock is the perfect height to keep out trail debris. It’s available in either Light or Medium cushion.

Pricing as follows: Pursuit Hike Light Cushion: $21.99 | Pursuit Hike Medium Cushion: $23.99. Learn more at Swiftwick.com.

Swiftwick Pursuit Ultralights



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