TEVA Features Ohio Designer in Sandal Line

Teva Introduces the Spring 2016 Artist Series Collection

Sandal silhouette becomes the newest canvas for three visionary designers

Teva is celebrating the true spirit of creative expression with the launch of their spring 2016 Artist Series collection. These new styles, available for both men and women, bring the diverse craft and artistic expertise from graphic designer Emily Hoy, textile artist Leah Duncan, and multi-disciplinary creators Jolby & Friends, to their newest canvas, the Original Universal sandal. Featuring limited edition webbing and an innovative creative process, the spring 2016 Artist Series collection is available for $60.

TEVA 2016 Artist Series Collection
TEVA 2016 Artist Series Collection

“By working with three artists who both embody and were inspired by the Teva ethos, we are continuing to honor the expressive minds that bring product to life through visionary design,” explained Erika Gabrielli, Marketing Director at Teva. “With this third iteration of the Artist Series collection, we demonstrate our long-standing belief that living life on your own terms is an adventure category of its own, and that true artistic creativity can be found in the most unexpected places.”

This collection will also support the artistic growth of the next generation of creators by donating 10% of the retail price for all Artist Series sandals sold on to P.S. ARTS for one year, April 19, 2016 to April 19, 2017, with a maximum guaranteed donation of $25,000. P.S. ARTS’ mission is to improve children’s lives by providing arts education to underserved public school and communities.

Emily Hoy

With a lot of her early life lived in the rural Ohio outdoors, Teva sandals came into regular play on Hoy’s canoe journeys down the Mohican River. Inspired by the “bead like” nature of the template of oval circles forming Teva sandal webbing, Hoy began her own design by looking at traditional Native American shapes and patterns. Hoy pays tribute to Mother Nature and encourages wearers to appreciate the natural beauty in the land that they explore in their Teva sandals.

“This [partnership] was like a collaboration with myself and the elements that [fell] in front of me,” said Hoy, “I tried different versions over and over, it felt like playing Tetris with all [the] palettes and combinations— applying math to art, while guiding color and shape through my hands.”

Leah Duncan

As an Austin-based textile artist, Leah Duncan drew on the desert as the living experience that inspired her work. The process of translating a hand drawn design to the gridded layout of webbing on a Teva sandal was different than the usual soft and delicate output of her fabric collaborations. Duncan was inspired by the cacti that she passed on regular hikes to swimming holes, in her neighborhood, and along Austin’s greenbelt.

“I think for all creative types, our work is a direct reflection of who we are,” said Duncan when looking back on the creative process for her Artist Series design, “Every time I [created] a new pattern or illustration it [was] like sharing a small aspect of my life. [This] process with Teva gave my work a bit of an edge that it doesn’t normally have with more rigid geometric shapes.”

Jolby & Friends

Founded by super duo Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols, Portland, Oregon design studio Jolby & Friends meshes the repetition of pattern with expression of texture and line. In this series, Jolby & Friends looked at the streets, people and sounds around them, with the goal of expressing a city through the webbing pattern on the Teva sandals.

“A huge canvas is easy,” said Kenyon when reflecting on the Jolby & Friends Artist Series design, “We loved the challenge of telling a visual story on a thin strip of material. It encouraged us to explore different patterns, and not to settle on something that we just knew how to do.”

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