The Trail Running Film Festival Comes to Ohio | 3 Locations

The Trail Running Film Festival produced by Outdoor Arts & Recreation and presented by Rainshadow Running is coming to Ohio next week!

From world class filmmakers to the best works made by weekend warriors, The Trail Running Film Festival takes the audience on a virtual run through forests, up mountains, beyond emotional obstacles and across the finish line. It’s a weekend full of friends, fun and inspiration. All the Ohio events begin at 6:30pm but the films don’t actually start until 7:30pm. We encourage folks to arrive before the films start to socialize with your friends, meet new friends, get to know our sponsors, buy your drinks and snacks/food and pick out your seats.

The Trail Running Film Festival has grown to include a nation wide tour that showcases two hours of the top films to inspire and cultivate current and future trail running athletes. Grab your running buddies and join us in Cleveland, Columbus or Athens! Ten new films featuring FKT attempts, crazy races, exotic locales, protecting our public lands, folks being silly and folks fighting cancer all in a two-hour show with prize giveaways and lots of fun!

The Trail Running Film Festival Details

Date: October 16th Cleveland | October 17th Columbus | October 18th Athens
Time: 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

The 2018 Trail Running Film Festival Teaser Video

The Trail Running Film Fest 2018 Fall Tour Teaser from Outdoor Arts & Recreation on Vimeo.



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