Must Have Women’s Outfits from Toad&Co for Fall and Winter

The latest line-up from Toad&Co is here! Come check out this good-looking fall and winter apparel made of sustainable and organic clothing and be prepare to get excited. For Toad&Co, it’s organic (or recycled) cotton or bust. Organic cotton uses 88% less water and 62% less energy than conventional cotton, and is grown without GMOs or toxic chemicals. Look good and help the environment, what isn’t there to like about that?

On the wool side of things, Toad&Co uses Non-Mulesed wool in over 75 items and recycled wool in over 68 items. This is a pretty impressive number, especially when it comes to the Non-Mulesed items, as mulesing wool is a process they are trying to ban in Australia and ethical brands are trying to avoid.

Toad&Co Karuna Cord Wide Leg Overall

An overall great fit for the girl that likes to go from the trail to the tavern with a quick change in shoes. These little ladies have classic features like a drop-in front pocket and adjustable straps, but a wide leg that’ll keep you firmly planted in the modern era. Updated corduroy made with ultra-strong, super-sustainable organic cotton and hemp will have you riding into the sunset for many moons to come. Perfect for anything from camping to an evening out with the gang.

Retail: $120.00 | Buy or learn more at

The Karuna Cord Wide Leg Overall is paired with the Marley II Long Sleeve Tee.

Toad&Co Fall 2021 | ToadandCo Karuna Cord Wide Leg Overall
Heels or casual kicks, Toad&Co has you covered
ToadandCo Karuna Cord Wide Leg Overall
If you don’t get a compliment within three wearings or your Toad&Co clothes don’t bring you joy, they’ll make it right.
Who’s excited about comfort stretch and organic cotton?

ToadandCo Cottonwood Overall

Tough meets cute. Timeless to the core, this easy going overall can make an outfit out of anything, be it a sweater or a tee or even give it a sizzle with a crop top. Durably built from soft and sustainable organic cotton and polyester twill. Take her out to the game, a pizza joint or go play around in the woods, the Cottonwood Overall can handle it all.

Retail: $100.00 | Buy or learn more at

The Cottonwood Overall paired below with the Marley II Long Sleeve Tee and Sorel Joan of Arc lll boots.

ToadandCo Cottonwood Overall
What have we noticed about the Toad&Co Fall 2021 lineup? Overalls and comfy are in, and Toad&Co’s old slogan “trailtotavern” still applies to most of their clothing.
ToadandCo Cottonwood Overall
ToadandCo Cottonwood Overall

Toad&Co Women’s Telluride Sherpa Pullover

Going back to Toad&Co’s Colorado roots, the Telluride Sherpa Pullover brings mountain town style to the big city. A staple of the trail to tavern lifestyle, this ultra-soft fleece made from recycled Italian wool is a “hike all day, cocktail all night” kind of layer. All trails in Telluride eventually lead back to a tavern.

Style with a pair of leggings and your favorite tennis shoes for all day comfort and style. Shown below with the Lean legging from Toad&co.

Retail: $145.00 | Buy or learn more at

ToadandCo Cottonwood Overall
ToadandCo Cottonwood Overall
ToadandCo Cottonwood Overall
Toad&Co uses reclaimed wool from old garments to make this signature fleece. The wool is processed in a family-run mill in Italy using mechanical (not chemical) means. It’s blended with nylon for strength and that low-pile look.

Toad&Co Women’s Karuna Cord Wide Leg Pant

A high-rise waist and relaxed fit will flatter all figures, and a 7/8 length plays well with boots and sneakers alike. These cords are strong and sustainable with just a hint of stretch, perfect for for strolling into the office or headin’ downtown.

Retail: $95.00 | Buy or learn more at

Toad&Co Women's Karuna Cord Wide Leg Pant
Toad&Co Women's Karuna Cord Wide Leg Pant
Toad&Co Women's Karuna Cord Wide Leg Pant with Rose Top

Toad&Co Cascadia Denim Jumper

Fall means lush layers and vibrant textures teaming up to take on the day. This denim jumper partners with everything from turtlenecks to tees and sweaters to henleys. In colder weather pair it with tights and some big warm boots. Contrast stitching gives it some spice, and sweet drop-in pockets mean you always have a place to stash your license and a few dollars.

Retail: $120.00 | Buy or learn more at


Toad&Co Cascadia Denim Jumper -Toad&Co Fall 2021

Toad&Co Women’s Epiq Mock Neck Dress

For those days when your morning coffee date stretches late into the afternoon. Convenient hand pockets for stashing essentials and made from a cozy-but-breathable hemp/organic cotton blend, this dress is designed with versatility in mind. Pair it with sandals or boots for a look that transitions seamlessly from dog park to dive bar.

The Epiq Mock Neck Dress is moisture-wicking and odor wicking for the long days that turn into long nights. A generous 33.5″ length and on-seam hand pockets make it cute and practical.

Retail: $100.00 | Buy or learn more at

Toad&Co Women's Epiq Mock Neck Dress - Toad&Co Fall 2021
If you think Toad&Co’s fall and winter lineup isn’t exciting, well the joke is on you!

Chaparral Beanie and Chaparral Scarf

For days when the air is just a tad nippy, this cozy infinity scarf and hat combo will chase the chills away. The scarf is made with stretchy, itchless merino wool and best of all, there’s no wrong way to wear it. Loop it once, loop it twice. And hey, if you mess up how to wear the Chaparral Beanie, we can’t help you.

The Chaparral Beanie retails for $40.00 and Chaparral Scarf retails for $65.00.

Both products meet the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. A worldwide, independent testing and certification system that assures no harmful chemicals or toxins were used from fiber-to-finished garment.

Chaparral Beanie
Made from 100% Non-Mulesed Wool. This low-maintenance wonder-wool is itchless, naturally stretchy, great at handling moisture.
Chaparral Scarf
The Chaparral Scarf is made with stretchy, itchless merino wool for warmth and odor control.

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