First Look: Look’s X-Track Power Meter Pedals

Power meter pedals have obvious appeal for a certain type of rider looking to quantify progress and get the most out of their training, especially that person lives by the +1 bike motto.. They’re quick to install and swap between bikes and can use them on indoor trainers. unfortunately there are limited options for mountain bikes and gravel bikes.

The Look’s X-Track power meter pedals are a new SPD-compatible pedal designed for XC and gravel, with a similar form factor to a classic cageless MTB pedals like Shimano’s XTR and Look’s own X-Track Race, with near-identical Q-Factor (width) and stack numbers. That should make it easy to switch between standard pedals and power meter pedals without needing to adjust cleat setup.

Look X-Track Power Meter Pedals
Look X-Track Power Meter Pedals

The claimed weight is around 100 g more than Shimano’s XTR and 50 g more than Look’s X-Track Race Carbon, which isn’t enough to notice but might dissuade some XC racers from using them on race day.

Look X-Track Power Meter Pedals Details:

  • Aluminum body, steel axle
  • 53 mm Q-Factor
  • SPD-Compatible (Shimano-style cleats)
  • Dual-sided or single-side power measurement
  • + / – 1% accuracy (claimed)

They offer a claimed accuracy of +/- 1%. There is a single-sided version which only has the electronics in the left pedal and the algorithm simply doubles this to estimate total power. The dual-sided version provides more reliable power data, plus left/right balance etc.

The 60-hour battery life is pretty impressive, and it’s nice to see the “new” universal USB-C charging standard being adopted here. One day the world will all be on the same page. Look says they have a proprietary auto-calibration algorithm for quick and easy set-up.

At $1099 for the dual-sided version, the price actually compares well to its competitors. The Garmin Rally XC200 dual-sided power meter costs $1,199.99 and the SRM XPower MTB pedal costs around $1,500 USD). Look claims to have the lightest weight in the group.



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