One-Button Setup With Headroom to Spare

Yes, another rooftop tent. The Wild Land Air Cruiser is a bit different, though, as it uses no poles, is super light, and offers tons of headroom and is not available just yet. The Wild Land Air Cruiser rooftop tent is the brainchild of Cinch, a small quick-setup ground tent company, and Wild Land, a “one-stop car camping solution brand” out of

The Wild Land Air Cruiser RTT is on Kickstarter now. Let’s dive into what makes it different from all the rest.

Wild Land Air Cruiser

Wild Land Air Cruiser
Wild Land Air Cruiser in all its glory. (PC: Wild Land)

There are other inflatable “no pole” RTTs on the market, but none are presented in such a compact, lightweight, and big-headroom package. Once the cover is removed and the tent is folded open, you just plug in and hit the button on the integrated 12V air pump. If, for some reason, the pump fails, you can set up the tent using a standard airbed-style pump.

Wild Land claims this to be “the lightest ever self-assembling rooftop tent.” It’s hard to argue with that when the Air Cruiser only weighs in at 93.2 pounds. The tent itself is 80 pounds, the mattress 13.2, and the ladder 12.5 pounds.

The tent is also quite small when packed up on your roof (55″ L x 38″ W x 10″ H). This means it will work for most vehicles and applications, not make as huge a dent in your fuel economy, and possibly leave room on your rack for other gear.

The tent body itself is made of 280g ripstop polycotton (PU2000mm, WR). Wild Land says that it is “highly durable and water-resistant.” It also says it has tested the Air Cruiser in a wide range of four-season conditions.

Big Living Space Under the Stars

Wild Land Air Cruiser - The dual skylights on the roof should also make for amazing star gazing from the comfort of the bed.
The dual skylights on the roof should also make for amazing star gazing from the comfort of the bed as long as mother nature cooperates. (PC: Wild Land)
Wild Land Air Cruiser
A self-assembling, technologically advanced, super lightweight rooftop tent with record-breaking cabin space and any-car compatibility. (PC: Wild Land)

Inside the Air Cruiser there is a ton of headroom, much more than nearly all other rooftop tents out there. You get almost 60 inches of headspace.

It should also feel much more airy inside as well, as there are panoramic windows on all sides. The dual skylights on the roof should also make for amazing star gazing from the comfort of the bed.

The tent also comes with a cover and mattress. It also comes with a ladder and integrated LED lighting. More accessories are already said to be in the works. The bed itself is a 2-inch-thick memory foam mattress with a removable cover. It is 51 inches wide by 83 inches long.

Air Cruiser Pricing & Availability

(PC: Wild Land)

Special Kickstarter introductory pricing starts at $2,199, with the campaign running through July 26, 2023. The regular MSRP is $2,999. Shipping will be charged on top of that pricing, and range from $199 to $399 depending on your location. As we have all learned, rooftop camping is not cheap.

Deliveries for early supporters are expected to begin later this month for the first 100 orders.

The Air Cruiser comes with a 2-year warranty. The tent also comes with a repair kit that includes some tent material pieces, tenacious patches, and a seam sealant set.



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