5 Tips to Reaching Your Marathon Goal

Use the Same Fuel the Marathon Hands Out or Carry Your Own

GU seems to one of the more popular brands at marathons, but be sure to see what your marathon of choice is handing out. If you are planning on carrying your own gels then it might be a good choice to train with the gels the marathon uses. Not planning on doing gels then plan on carrying a drink that provides calories like Tailwind Nutrition or Hammer Nutrition.

New Running Shoes Two to Three Weeks Out

New shoes? You are thinking I don’t want new shoes before a marathon. Well do it a few weeks out and get a couple of runs on them. You might not be ready for them, but a new pair of shoes two to three weeks out will put a little extra spring in your step, literally. Chances are if you have been running in your current shoes for 6 plus weeks then you have some miles on them. During that last long run or race day make sure your shoes are not “dead”. Put 40 to 50 miles on a new pair before race day to make sure there are no problems.

Prevent Chaffing and Rubbing

Body Glide anti chafing stick

Nipples, armpits, your crotch (glad you read this right) are all prone to getting a little irritated towards the end of 26.2 miles. Take precautions and lube up with a product like Body Glide. Apply liberally to any area that might experience chafing, where clothing seams meet your skin, jog bra straps, high friction areas and areas that will become drenched in sweat. Once again, use it in some of your longer runs as well.

Dress Warm and Give

It will warm up once you start moving but dress warm the morning of your event and don’t try and be Mr. Tough Guy. Wear some old workout pants and a long sleeve top to stay warm. A few minutes before start time toss them off to the side.  Most races will have some sort of box or area where you can put clothes and they will be donated to a good cause. Trash bags are not cool … they simply end up in a landfill. Shop Target! Target offers some pretty sweet gloves for a buck or two, they even come in fun colors. Wear them until things begin to warm up and toss them at an aid station. Once again they might make it into the hands of someone in need.

Reward Yourself or Someone Special

Everyone has there reason. It could be the 26.2 sticker, the race shirt or social media bragging rights. Reward yourself with something though. Personally, I am stopping by Hoof Hearted brewery after the race for a late lunch and having a couple of their great beers. Have a friend who is running? Do something nice for them, perhaps a massage or a 26.2 bracelet, marathon necklace or charm. Inspired Endurance has lots of options for the marathoner.



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