6 Articles to Make You a Better Runner: Part 2

Part two of becoming a better runner. Hopefully by now you read 6 Articles to Make You a Better Runner part 1. Here are 6 more tips to Make You a Better Runner

Suunto has been talking to top runners and coaches for many years, and have learned a lot in the process. There are so many aspects to improving running performance. Some of it is mental, some physical, and some commonsense.


Fueling the engine: 6 principles of nutrition for athletes

We spoke to six athletes and two coaches for our “fueling the engine” series, and heard a variety of perspectives on eating well. We reviewed all the articles and found six principles they all agreed on. Read on to make sure you’re fueling the engine well.

7 tips for running in hot weather

Ryan Sandes has run ultras in deserts across the planet. In this article, he explains how to lower your core temperature when you’re out running on intense summer days.

Four myths about ultra running you need to know

There are a lot of assumptions about what it takes to run an ultra marathon. These often mistaken assumptions can discourage us from taking on what can be an incredibly transformative challenge. Ultra marathon coach Jason Koop sets us straight about the four common myths surrounding this sport, and why to give one a go.

How to bring mindfulness to the trail

Mindfulness is being in the here and now. It’s nothing special, just present moment awareness, which in our attention economy can seem weirdly exotic. Mindfulness helps runners to develop a mind-body connection, says South African trail runner and coach Meg MacKenzie. It helps us tune in to what’s going on moment by moment, day by day. Read about Meg’s approach here

7 tips to go the (ultra) distance

Who better to talk to about running an ultra marathon than Ryan Sandes, who recently ran the Great Himalayan Trail for goodness sake? His tips can equally be applied to training for a 30 km race as an ultra.

Intro to distance running technique

In this article, our science driven coach gets more specific than in the article above, and talks proper running form for distance. Working on these aspects of your running technique once or twice a week can pay dividends over time.



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