6 Articles to Make You a Better Runner

The beautiful thing about running is its simplicity and the fact there are always little things – technique, economy, strength, pace etc – to work on to get better. You can even do these by yourself. Even if you’re pushing 70, you can still improve. It’s a lifelong journey.

Suunto has been talking to top runners and coaches for many years, and have learned a lot in the process. There are so many aspects to improving running performance. Some of it is mental, some physical, and some commonsense.

Becoming a Better Runner

For new and experienced runners alike, Suunto selected 12 ‘best of’ articles based on the conversations we’ve had with athletes and coaches. With so many of us confined to our homes, now is a good time to kick back and learn about the finer points of running. The fresh insights you gain will prepare you for an awesome running season once restrictions have been lifted.  We’ll do 6 today and 6 tomorrow …. after-all you need something to do tomorrow!

How to adapt your training when the unexpected strikes

This is timely for many of us who are confined at home to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Races scheduled in spring and summer have been cancelled, and the entire race calendar is uncertain. We talked to pro running coach Michael Arend about how to respond to this situation. Click here to see his tips. 

7 principles to help you find the flow

We all want to experience the famous runner’s high; that blissful flow state when time flies by, and everything feels easy. But they can be elusive. Mental Coach Markus Arjava shared 7 principles to follow to increase the likelihood you find the flow. Read the article here.

Learn how sleep can make you a better runner

Runners, especially distance runners, often expect a lot from themselves. We can get focused on our running volume, time on our feet, and all the other stats. They’re important, but can obscure the big picture; performance is a consequence of many things, including having quality time with your friends and family, diet, and of course getting plenty of sleep. Sleep doctor Henri Tuomilehto shared 6 tips to make sure you are getting good shut eye. Read more here

Tracking cadence, heart rate and pace while running

Having the ability to track yourself while out on a run helps to improve performance. We talk to a coach about how to do this well to ensure you are training and racing intelligently. Get the lowdown here.

Emelie Forsberg’s top 7 yoga poses for runners

To benefit from yoga asanas (postures) you don’t need to start believing in eastern spirituality. Physical yoga, practiced regularly, is just a great way to maintain and improve your mobility, muscle tone, fascial health and breathing. Emelie Forsberg is a trained yoga teacher and practices yoga daily. In this article, she demonstrates her 7 favorite yoga poses.

8 essential running form drills

Doing these 8 drills regularly will help to improve your running technique and economy. Sloppy technique leads to a loss of momentum and energy, making running more arduous. We talk to an XTERRA world champion and science driven endurance coach about how with a little effort you can tighten up your running form. Read it here



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