Colorado Brand offers “Rentals for overlanders”

Titus Adventure Company, a Colorado business, is offering short-term rentals of fully outfitted overlanding vehicles for visitors and locals who want to go offroad camping with all the toys, including bikes.

Based out of Denver Colorado, they’re your gateway to get you and your bike into the Rocky Mountains and beyond. Their mission is to help provide access to the outdoors while being good stewards for the environment and our community.

Take your next trip to the next level with Titus Adventure Company®. Whatever your destination, our 4WD Overland Vehicles Rentals come loaded with all the gear you need so you can spend less time making lists and more time making memories.

Titus Adventure Company rents Toyota 4x4s set up with Kuat bike racks, bike tools, pump, Park Tools apron, and camping equipment including a roof top tent and cooking gear. All you need to do is supply the food and beverages. The company can coordinate bike rentals or visitors can work with a local bike shop to ship bikes to Colorado ahead of time and TAC will have them waiting for them. TAC can deliver the vehicles to Denver’s airport so visitors can start their adventure immediately. No more dealing with rental cars, lugging unnecessary gear or worse yet, forgetting something then having to buy it. Daily rental rates start at $210.

How Titus Adventure Company Works

  1. Select your preferred rental dates. Go for 2 nights or a whole month!
  2. Choose your preferred vehicle. The car you choose is the car you get, no “or similar” here. Unlimited miles included!
  3. Select additional gear or package. Want to go beyond the included gear? We got more goodies availably to take your trip to the next level.
  4. Grab you vehicle or arrange vehicle drop-off. Meet at their location or upgrade to get it delivered. They serve the Denver Metro, which includes Denver airport pickup!
  5. .Start your adventure. Hit the road and bring it back muddy. We’ll happily deal with the clean up.
From bikes and bike racks and coolers to rooftop tents and sleeping bags, TAC stocks your vehicle with all the gear you need to make your next trip as get-up-and-go as possible. No need to worry about cleaning the gear either, that’s on them.
Need local info on the best spots for camping? Craving the perfect hike? TAC’s experience in Colorado dates back decades, and they’re eager to share it with you to help elevate your adventure. They’re locals!

The business “taps” into the momentum of the Sharing Economy and the Overlanding movement, while at the same time helping a growing number of Colorado transplants experience the West’s wild places without adding to the congestion of the Front Range. We know close-to-home adventures and human-powered adventures will only become more important in the coming months.”

Travis Titus, founder, Colorado native and passionate mountain biker

While the burly vehicles — TAC offers Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner and Sequoia 4x4s — are far from the greenest machines on the road, the company says its business actually benefits the environment. That’s because TAC buys carbon credits to offset the impact of each trip. And the service could encourage some Colorado residents to avoid buying a large vehicle for everyday use and instead rent a TAC vehicle for occasional adventures.

Besides carbon offsets, TAC donates $10 from each daily rental to various nonprofits, including the Colorado Mountain Club, which is developing an app to inventory and report public lands use, including the kind of dispersed camping that overlanding enthusiasts favor.

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