Country Archer Jerky and the Stanley Growler

Grab Dad the Ultimate Father’s Day Combo !!

The Stanley 64oz Classic Vacuum Growler

There are a lot of great stainless steel growlers out there, so what makes the Stanley Growler so special? Dad & Grandpa. Chances are your dad had a Stanley; if he didn’t, his dad had one. The great green thermos has made a comeback, and what better time to start or continue a family tradition than Father’s Day? The difference here? This 64-ounce beast is designed for beer; the vacuum-insulated body and foam-insulated lid keep beer cold for 24 hours. Dad can transport his (or your) favorite brew in fully functional and iconic style. Take control with a rugged handle for easy carry and one-handed pouring. The wide mouth allows for quick filling, sharing, and cleaning. When you open this bad boy, an audible’ pop’ is a sure sign your beer is still carbonated. It isn’t Grandad’s old vacuum bottle, but he’ll raise his pint in admiration. Who knows, maybe your dad even has his old one lying around.

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Country Archer Beef Jerky (and Turkey Jerky) Adventure Pack

Bring Dad something special this Father’s Day to snack on. The Country Archer Adventure Pack offers 8 jerky flavors and 4 meat protein bars that offer healthy snacks for adventure. All premium GrassFed Jerky, no MSG, no Antibiotics, no Nitrates and no Preservatives and made in the USA. Yeah you get the point. Spicy, conservative, no matter what your craving, Country Archer has dad covered with the Adventure Pack.

Country Archer’s line of healthy jerky and meat snacks are sold nationwide. Although the company has grown, they’re still paying homage to Mirarchi’s decades-old tradition by making snacks in small batches at their California facility using healthful ingredients and protein options like grass-fed beef, antibiotic-free turkey, and pork. Whether Dad reaches for them in your pantry, his backpack, desk or lunchbox, we hope Country Archer products will put a smile on his face.

Life was meant for good times, great adventure, and delicious snacks. Time to explore! Includes 11 different flavors.

Retails: $75.00 |

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County Archer Beef Jerky is 100% Grass Fed and free of nitrates, MSG, and a lot of other “crap” you can’t pronounce.

The massively large Adventure pack includes 8 packs of jerky and 12 Frontier Beef bars.

With 8 flavors to choose from, the Crushed Red Pepper Beef Jerky and Mango Habanero Beef Jerky seemed to be a favorite. They also offer the “original” for the less adventurous.

Made in the U.S.A … yeah you would think that would be a given with food but it isn’t.

“The True Bar,” a new line of high protein meat-based nutrition bars boasting 20 grams of protein and low sugar content. Made from high-quality, real food ingredients with no antibiotics or hormones, The True Bar is available in three unique flavors—Cayenne made with beef and pork, Herb Citrus made with turkey, and Sweet BBQ made with pork. Unlike other protein bars on the market, The True Bar boasts an ingredient label free of gluten, soy, artificial ingredients, MSG, and nitrites/nitrates.

“The Combo” … Country Archer Adventure Pack and the Stanley 64oz Classic Vacuum Growler. Nothing like a little spicy meat and a cold beer to wash it down.

An audible ‘pop’ when you open this bad boy is a sure sign your beer is still carbonated.

The steel inner lid. No plastic contact for your beer.

No screw tops here, Stanley’s unique closure keeps the seal tight, carbonated and leak proof. It also makes is pretty difficult to lose the lid.

Cheers to Dad !!



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