The Only Thing That Really Matters…

What does it mean to be an athlete? What do you have to be? Here’s is the answer from our friends at Strava.

Being an athlete is simple – all you have to do is strive.

Strava is the social network for athletes, but not everyone is comfortable calling themselves an athlete. It can be hard to live up to that title. Does it mean you have to be a pro? Or race? Or get a CR/KOM/QOM?

Their answer is: just be yourself. Be on the road. Be on the trail. Be relentless. Be daring. Be proud. Be a teammate to other athletes and motivate friends.

It doesn’t matter how fast you are, how many races you win – or if you race at all. All you have to do is strive. That’s it. Strive to be an athlete, and you are one. Be brave enough to lace up your shoes, break a sweat and make sure to have fun.



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