Fish Pond Westwater Dog Bed

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If you are going to sleep for 10 plus hours a day, you might as well do it in comfort.  The Fish Pond Westwater dog bed is designed for the dog on the go, comfy at night and it packs tight during the day. The bed, which measures 40″ x 30″, is built with a soft fleece top and heavy duty nylon waterproof bottom with an inflatable “mattress” liner that resembles a camp sleep pad. The bed offers a super comfy option when inflated, and when not in use rolls up tight similar to a sleeping pad, thanks to two compression straps.

Fish Pond Westwater Dog Bed
Being a team player, Doodles tested the Fish Pond Westwater Dog Bed for hours on end. We never heard a complaint out of her.

Fleece Top: The washable fleece top is soft and comfy, and designed to collect dog hair so it does not end up all over the house, your car, or wherever.

Nylon Base: The nylon waterproof base serves up a couple of purposes. The first and most obvious is that the rest of the bed will not get damp. Also if the bed gets muddy on the bottom it is easily hosed off and will dry fast. The base also wraps up around the top of the bed for 1 1/2″ inches. This is a nice little feature to help keep the top dry and also miscellaneous dirt, grass or twigs from getting stuck in the fleece part.

Fishpond Westwater Dog Bed
The air liner or “mattress” portion of the bed is easily removable when it comes time to wash the cover. It is also a good idea to pull out the air liner 8 or 10 inches when inflating. This keeps that unexpected dog hair from getting in your mouth.

Removable Air Liner: The air liner or “mattress” portion of the bed is designed very similar to an old school Thermarest sleeping pad. I actually thought it may have been made by Thermarest but was informed that it was not. Compared to other thinner, more portable dog beds, the air liner will add comfort without bulk and also add a little warmth for the cold days.  The liner itself is actually really nice. Having spent some days and nights in the middle of nowhere I have slept on a lot worse.

Road trip anyone? The two compression straps not only work for rolling up the bed nice and tight, you can also use them and latch around the metal brackets designed for child seats in cars. This helps keep the pad from sliding around of sending your 4-legged friend onto the floor if you hit the brakes.

Fishpond Westwater Dog Bed
Fishpond Westwater Dog Bed rolled up and ready for another trip.

Anyone who owns a dog has come to the realization that, while they are often treated as well as their kids, fortunately they don’t cost as much. If your dog loves a good adventure or road trip then definitely consider the Fish Pond Westwater dog bed.

The Westwater dog bed retails for $89.95 and is available from Fish Pond.


  • Contrast inflatable and removable liner for comfort
  • Fleece top with waterproof bottom
  • Dual compression straps for storage and easy transport
  • Perfect for the truck or shop
  • 40″ x 30″ x 2.5″



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