The North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2018

From February 16th-18th in Hartford, CT, the thriving subculture of the handmade bicycle industry will come together at The North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS). Often dubbed the ‘Comic-Con’ of the bike industry, NAHBS is world’s largest gathering for the custom-built handmade bicycle community. It’s the first time in the show’s 14-year history that it’s being held in New England. I’d love for you to join us as I think this could make for a really interesting piece on local builders.

For the 125+ bike builders in attendance at The North American Handmade Bicycle Show – hailing from over twenty-five states and six countries – NAHBS is a chance to come together to showcase their finest two-wheeled creations, share ideas (some practical, some crazy), and socialize with their people. The company names reflect the eclectic vibe that permeates NAHBS: Squid Bikes, Peacock Groove, Mosaic Cycles, Black Sheep Bikes, among others. What bonds each brand and builder is a strong passion for the the ‘art & craft’ of handmade bicycle building and the goal of supporting and growing their special niche. While custom-made bike builders make up only a small segment of the bike market, they have a huge influence in the overall bike industry. Product designers from the world’s largest bicycle manufacturers can be found roaming the NAHBS halls, there to draw inspiration from the innovation and creativity on display from the “smaller guys”.

NAHBS is also an opportunity for the general public to marvel at the massive array of custom-built handmade bikes and meet their colorful creators. And while self-described bike geeks are a large contingent of attendees, NAHBS draws a diverse crowd: everyone from wide-eyed kids to industrial design students to competitive bike racers to retirees with an appreciation for craftsmanship are among the fray.

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. North American Handmade Bicycle Show

Look for Gravel Bikes at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show

Vlad Cycles: perfectly designed to roll on pavement and handle gravel/dirt with ease and comfort, along with custom artwork and hand welded metal work.

Boo Bicycles: using bamboo and carbon fiber exclusively to build some of the most supple and fast gravel bikes on the planet.

Mosaic Cycle’s G-Series: Now in it’s sixth year of building custom bikes, Mosaic’s GT-1 (Gravel Titanium) is designed for the road that takes you anywhere. Featuring a lightweight double butted titanium tubeset, the Gt-1perfectly combines paved road responsiveness with off road terrain stability.

Vicious Cycles – New Paltz, NY. Started in 1994. All products are handmade and everything is done in house. Owner – Carl Schlemowitz “My objective is to build bicycles that ignite the spark which turns riding from a habit into an obsession.” The  Thunderwing Adventure Bike flies over snow and sand in extreme conditions. This original design, conceived and developed for the ultra endurance races of Alaska, will take you where a normal bike can’t go, from the beach to the tundra.

Horse Cycles is a one man show, that’s been building bikes for 12 years, Based out of Brooklyn, NY. “For the love of bikes and everything outdoors. Working on unique projects following our interests, from cycling, to surfing, to camping and beyond”. The new All Road Elite is the same stout Gravel grinder as the trusty All Road with more options. Bigger, stiffer, faster. From epic cross races to long miles on the tarmac, to trail-bound single track. Add to that list a low-profile rack and fender mounts, and you can be confident that this will be your go-to bike to for any and all kinds of riding. Throw a rack on the back and gear up for a bike-packing adventure or hook on a pannier for zipping around the city or for your daily commute. Ridden with slick 28mm tires, the All Road Elite will surprise you with it’s nimble control. Throw on some knobbies (clearance for 45mm tires) and gobble up single track or gravel grinding hill climbs.

Royal H Cycles based out of Boston offers a truly unique experience – not just a bike. Each frame as unique as its owner, and built with the same exacting levels of craftsmanship. Karl’s All Road is the road bike you can take anywhere featuring wider tires and disc brake



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