Patagonia Action Works Gives Consumers a Way to Fight for the Planet

Patagonia Action Works, the new online platform connects Patagonia consumers with local grassroots activism.

On February 7, 2018, Patagonia will launch a new digital platform, called Patagonia Action Works, that connects customers with local grassroots organizations working to save the planet. The goal of this new platform is to help Patagonia customers learn more about local environmental issues and how to get involved with events, petitions, fundraising and volunteering time and skills.

video featuring Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard was created to support the launch of the platform and underscores Chouinard’s position that in this time of unprecedented threats to our planet, it has never been more important to take action. In the video Chouinard says, “If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that things aren’t going very well for the planet. It’s pretty easy to get depressed about it. I’ve always known that the cure for depression is action.”

This is the next chapter in the company’s 40-year history of activism and its giving program, 1% for the Planet. Patagonia’s support of grassroots environmental organizations around the world has totaled nearly $90 million and has reached thousands of community-based groups creating positive change for the planet. Many of the nonprofits operate with limited resources, and through this new platform, Patagonia aims to make these groups more effective and powerful than ever before.

“The biggest question I get from our community and customers is, ‘What can I do to save the planet?’” said Patagonia President and CEO Rose Marcario. “This platform makes it easy to connect with organizations in your neighborhood who are working every day on local issues. We have decades of experience with these groups, and our collective grassroots actions can add up to the change we need to make a better world. With the threats we face, we need everyone in this fight.”

Specifically, Patagonia Action Works allows people to find environmental nonprofits based on issue and location. It also provides links for grassroots organizations who are new to Patagonia to apply for funding.

“If we could connect our community, friends and customers directly with local groups working on issues they are passionate about, suddenly these organizations would have the capacity to achieve even more,” said Lisa Pike Sheehy, vice president of environmental activism at Patagonia. “Everybody has a role to play in this movement.”

Patagonia Action Works will launch a national tour that unites community members with environmental organizations, laying the foundation for long-term community building and action. The tour will go the following cities:

  • Santa Monica (2/9)
  • Burlington, VT (2/16 and 2/17)
  • Portland, OR (2/22)
  • Washington, D.C. (3/6)
  • Austin (3/13)
  • New York City (TBD)
  • Chicago (TBD)
  • Reno (4/5).

Learn more about Patagonia Action Works here. See Patagonia’s 2017 Environmental and Social Initiatives booklet here.



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