53×11 Organic Coffee, Inspired by Cyclists

Why do coffee and cycling go hand-in-hand?  It’s 5 a.m., your legs and body are shredded, and it’s time for another meet up with the boys and girls to pound out some miles, but first your body needs a jumpstart. If you’re looking for a nicely roasted bean and well brewed cup of coffee, look no further than 53×11.

53x11 Organic Coffee
Kickstart your morning with a little caffeine, great tasting coffee and cool branding that will get your morning ride rolling. 53×11 Organic Coffee features 3 blends, well 4 if you count the decaf. Sorry guys, just a little 7:30 am humor.

53×11 Organic Coffee

The nutritional gurus at Hammer Nutrition also know how to roast some beans, or have connections to some quality roasters to provide their line of 53×11 Organic Coffee. Their line-up of organic coffee features 3 blends, well 4 if you count the decaf. Sorry guys, just a little 7:30 am humor.

Originally created by cyclists, for cyclists, 53×11 Coffee today is dedicated purely to delivering great organic, fair-trade coffee to cyclists, outdoor enthusiasts and coffee lovers in general. 53×11 Coffee utilizes only sustainable organic, pesticide-free farms, and supports trade wages and direct purchasing to give more to those growing the beans.

53×11 Coffee Offers a Great Pour-Over

We brewed all 4 blends of 53×11 coffee with a Hario style or Chemex pour over style brewer using pre-ground beans. All 4 flavors were great! The Big Ring was our favorite and we were extremely impressed with the flavor offered by the decaf.

All coffees are available in 12 oz. bags of ground (cone drip) or whole bean and retail for $13.95. Check out the full lineup at hammernutrition.com.

53x11 The Big Ring

The Big Ring

Our favorite for a nice pour-over, the Big Ring is 100% organic Sumatra single origin coffee, medium roasted and shade grown under a canopy of diverse species of trees that provide a viable habitat for migratory birds. The Big Ring represents the classic Sumatran flavor profile with low acidity and full body. Available in 12 oz. bags of ground (cone drip) or whole bean.

53x11 The Chain Breaker

The Chain Breaker

The Chain Breaker is the signature espresso blend and is the perfect choice for those who favor a darker roast. This rich, nutty blend is perfect for espresso or drip use. The Chain Breaker consists of beans from Africa, Indonesia, and the Americas which results in a complex, yet smooth cup.

Coffee Tip: Use a pour-over coffee maker such as a Chemex or Hario. It will elevate your coffee brewing to a new level. You can buy one for less then the cost of a bike tire. Try it, you won’t be disappointed”

53x11 The Early Break

The Early Break

The Early Break is another blend that could easily become a morning staple at the office. This medium-roasted blend of Central, South American, and Sumatran beans represents a well-rounded, mildly acidic cup with a clean finish. The Early Break is a great “everyday” coffee. As you can tell, we prefer the lighter roast.

53x11 The Down Shift

The Down Shift

The Down Shift, a decaffeinated version of the beloved Chain Breaker signature espresso blend. No shortcuts were taken here and we loved this decaf. This blend represents the four major coffee growing regions as well, resulting in a remarkable decaf. Available in 12 oz. bags of ground (cone drip) or whole bean.

53×11 Coffee is Organic

With coffee being a highly chemically treated crop, 53×11 understands the importance of offering consumers the option to buy and drink certified organic. The chemicals from conventionally grown coffees are harmful to the coffee pickers out in the field, consumers and the environment. 53×11 coffees are certified organic by Quality Assurance International and abide by the U.S. National Organic Program standards (there are links below if you would like to learn more.) This means that they are grown without pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals, which benefits the coffee producers and the consumers. For larger crop yield without chemicals, the growers use sustainable farming methods (crop rotation, terracing, composting, etc.) This results in richer soil, greater biodiversity, and healthier ecosystems. Certified organic coffee not only benefits your health, but it also supports the environment. By purchasing oraganic coffees you are choosing to make a difference towards a more sustainable way of life for everyone.

Source: Organic Trade Association: U.S. National Organic Program and National Organic Standards Boar

53x11 Organic Coffee
All the details on the 53×11 Organic Coffee

Fun little video from Hammer Nutrition and 53×11

53×11 Coffee of the Month Club


The 53×11 Coffee of the Month Club offers:

  • 53×11 Oraganic Coffee that we found to be rather outstanding.
  • The ultimate in convenience with scheduled coffee shipments automatically delivered right to your door each month.
  • Discounted pricing of 15% off coffee and coffee accessories. See website for all the details.

How Does the Coffee Club Work?

  • Shipments every 30 days. Order two or more bags of coffee per month, plus any fuels and supplements you need.
  • Your personal Client Advisor will also call or email you, whichever you prefer, around 10 days before your scheduled ship date to see if you’d like to add anything to your order to take further advantage of free shipping and discounted pricing or make changes as needed.



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