Great Allegheny Passage Maps

Thinking of tackling the 335 miles between Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.? Below are maps, mileage charts, and elevation charts for the Great Allegheny Passage trail. It is more commonly known as the GAP Trail and connects to the C&O Trail. This gravel bikeway runs from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, Maryland, then officially becomes the C&O Canal Trail and leads to Washington, D.C. The two trails together total 335 miles. If you are considering doing this ride, we highly recommend it. There are plenty of stops along the way for food, water, and various lodging opportunities.

Photos from the 3-day ride across the Gap and C&O Trails.
Day 1 Recap | Pittsurgh, PA to Rockwood, PA
Day 2 Recap | Rockwood, PA to Hancock, MD
Day 3 Recap | Hancock, MD to Washington, DC

GAP Trail Map — C&O Trail Maps

GAP Trail - Great Allegheny Passage Trail Map - GAP Trail Map
The GAP trail runs from Pittsburgh to Cumberland Maryland then officially becomes the C&O Canal Trail. The two trails together total 335 miles.

GAP Trail Elevation Map — C&O Trail Elevation Maps

GAP Trail Elevation Map — C&O Trail Elevation Maps
You won’t be climbing in the Swiss Alps, but the first part of the ride does offer some good, steady climbing.

GAP Trail Milage Chart — C&O Trail Milage Chart

GAP Trail Milage Chart — C&O Trail Milage Chart
Mileage chart. The nice thing is that you are never far from food or medical attention if needed.

Great Allegheny Passage Trail

Along its route, the Great Allegheny Passage squeezes through the Cumberland Narrows, crosses the Mason & Dixon Line, tops the 2,392-foot Eastern Continental Divide, weaves through the breathtaking Laurel Highlands, bisects lovely Ohiopyle State Park, journeys through the region’s coke, coal, mining, and steel-making corridor, and ends at majestic Point State Park.  It yields stunning views of waterfalls, gorges, river valleys, and farmland, especially from sweeping Helmstetter’s Curve and outside Big Savage Tunnel, near the delightful Bollman Bridge and within the imposing Keystone Viaduct, at both ends of the Pinkerton Tunnel, and via the soaring Ohiopyle Low and High Bridges.        

The Great Allegheny Passage passes through a dozen welcoming trail towns, where overnight accommodations range from lovely bed-and-breakfasts to comfortable guesthouses, and from campgrounds to hotels.  Local flavors abound at restaurants, bars and grills, creameries, and cafés, and festivals and celebrations take place throughout the seasons.  Outfitterstour operators, and shuttle services abound, making it possible for bicyclists and hikers of all ages to travel easily.  Parking and branded wayfinding signage is ample from end to end.

Because of its easy access and many amenities, traveling the Great Allegheny Passage is a sought-after, “bucket list” adventure that delights local users as well as tourists from all 50 states and over 40 countries annually.  It receives around a million visits every year, and tourists drive tens of millions of dollars into the local economy.  Upon its completion, the GAP was the first path inducted into the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s Rail-Trail Hall of Fame. 

C&O Trail

The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath, affectionately known as the C&O Trail, weaves a historical tapestry as it stretches 185 miles from Washington DC to Cumberland Maryland. It follows the Potomac River along the route of the historic C&O Canal. The trail is located in Maryland, following the state line just across the river from Virginia and West Virginia for much of the way.

Initially conceived as a vital transportation artery for coal and goods in the 19th century, the canal played a pivotal role in shaping the region’s industrial landscape. Today, this historic waterway has been repurposed into a beloved recreational pathway, offering a rustic retreat for outdoor enthusiasts. As visitors traverse the trail’s diverse terrain—ranging from packed dirt to gravel—they encounter remnants of the canal’s industrial past, including lockhouses, aqueducts, and crumbling remnants of its former glory.

Scenic wonders punctuate the journey, from the thunderous cascades of Great Falls to the quaint charm of Harpers Ferry, where the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers converge. Whether cyclists, hikers, or nature lovers, adventurers find solace in the trail’s tranquil marshlands, wooded groves, and rocky cliffs, where wildlife thrives and seasonal foliage paints a vibrant canvas.

Accessible at multiple points and open year-round, the C&O Trail beckons travelers to embark on a journey through time and nature, where history and beauty converge along the banks of the timeless Potomac.



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