Joolca Expands in North American Market

Joolca, known for its engineering and design and specializing in creating home comforts for outdoor use, announces a continued expansion worldwide with a new focus on the North American market.

The innovative HOTTAP portable hot water system first put Joolca on the radar for overland, camping, vanlife, RV, and outdoor enthusiasts. The brand has continued to innovate and grow its range of modular products designed to allow people to spend more time adventuring. What started as creating solutions for the outdoors quickly allowed the brand to connect with cultures from the backyard to the backcountry.

“North America is a very important growth market for Joolca. We’re always looking for new retail partnerships, identifying new channels for brand awareness and creating opportunities to engage with our customers in person,” said Maciek Slodyczka, Founder, Joolca. “Customer feedback is critical to our focused process of iterating on our existing range and developing new products.

Joolca Expands in North American Market

Across the globe and especially in North America, more people are naturally spending time outdoors, and our mission is to create products with purpose and make the outdoors approachable for everyone.”

Joolca’s first North American stop of 2024 was at Overland Expo West, where the brand showcased its Bathroom Range of products including the HOTTAP, HOTTUB, GottaGo toilet and accessories. Joolca will be exhibiting at the remaining three Overland Expo events – PNW, MTN West, and East – meeting with customers and building the dealer network.

For several years, Joolca products, including the best-selling HOTTAP Nomad Kit, have been available to North American customers at, an important partnership. The Joolca team is also focused on partnering with brick-and-mortar retailers specializing in outdoor and camp, active lifestyle, hunt/fish, overland and RV, surf and watersport, and other categories.

To support its continued growth, Joolca has retained key partners to support North American marketing and sales: outdoor and active lifestyle agency ECHOS Brand Communications is providing public relations, marketing, affiliate, and brand activations programs; Joolca is targeting the Midwest and Mountain West & Coastal regions by connecting with independent retailers, regional chains, and national accounts through regional distribution and sales channels.

About Joolca Noth America

Founded in Australia in 2011, Joolca is a family-owned engineering and design company that specializes in creating home comforts for outdoor use. We believe in a relentless focus on innovation to develop proven, easy solutions for outdoor comfort. The result is a growing range of modular products that adapt to your needs so you can spend more time adventuring. Joolca fans across the globe will attest to the quality, ease of use, and innovation of our designs.

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