OttoLock … The Go-Anywhere Cinch Lock for Bikes and Gear

A Pretty Snazzy Utilitarian Lock – Lightweight, Compact, Portable, and Strong.

OTTOLOCK (designed by OTTO DesignWorks – is a new go-anywhere cinch lock for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts seeking a compact, lightweight, and durable solution to keep their gear safe and secure. Its patent-pending, multi-layer steel band design makes it more durable than a cable lock, and it’s sleek design and space-saving size make it much lighter than a U-lock.

OTTOLOCK’s engineered design is extremely cut-resistant due multiple layers of high-temper steel and Kevlar® reinforcing. Also coated in Santoprene® durable plastic to eliminate marring of surfaces. These materials are durable enough to resist conventional theft tools like wire or bolt cutters. It’s perfect for short-stay security and protecting against theft opportunists.

OTTOLOCK Features:

  • Extremely lightweight (120-155g)
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • 18mm wide band with multiple high-temper steel and Kevlar® layers
  • Available in three size lengths (18”, 30”, 60”)
  • Available in Stealth Black, Flash Green, and OTTO Orange
  • 3 resettable combination wheels / Durable aluminum head

MSRP: $55 (18″ Cinch Lock), $60 (30″ Cinch Lock), $75 (60″ Cinch Lock)

OttoLock Gear Locks
Outdoor gear is expensive … protect it from that quick snatch and run.
OttoLock Bicycle Locks
The OttoLock is perfect for that coffee shop ride when you need something lightweight to haul around but still strong enough to deter thieves.
OttoLock Bicycle Locks
Wrap the OttoLock around your saddle bag and it is always there.
OttoLock Bicycle Locks
Long enough to wrap through the frame and include the wheels
Small enough to fit in your jersey pocket but tough enough to deter thieves

About OTTO DesignWorks LLC

Founded in 2014 by bicycle lovers, product innovators and service experts, the OTTO DesignWorks team has a simple mission to create and deliver smart products for cycling and outdoor markets. The company’s passion is designing clever solutions to unmet needs.



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