P3R Announces Diversity Initiatives

The team behind Pittsburgh’s biggest races aims to improve diversity in the city’s endurance sports.

PITTSBURGH (July 8, 2020) – P3R is driving change aimed at creating a more diverse and inclusive running community in Pittsburgh, including a renewed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI), as well as training for team members, and partnerships with key community organizations.

“Running is a great equalizer and unifying force,” said Troy Schooley, P3R CEO. “It doesn’t matter your age, your sexual orientation, your ethnicity, how much money you make, what school you went to, what religion you practice, or who you voted for in the last election. When you’re on a P3R race course, everyone is a runner, and every step taken is a commitment to getting better.”

In early June, P3R’s DEI Committee invited several individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to join the group, including local representatives from: the sports and tourism industries; health, wellness, and recreation industries; the City of Pittsburgh; community organizations; educational institutions; the running and endurance industries; youth organizations; as well as local diversity-focused groups.

“We want all voices, experiences, and opinions to be heard on the committee,” said DEI Committee Chair, Derrick Shoffner. “We know that everyone we’ve invited to join us will bring a unique perspective to help ensure that everyone who runs with us has a voice in our events and in our sport.”

In addition to the new DEI Committee, the entire P3R team will participate in immediate diversity training and partner with the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE), a national non-profit that educates and empowers the sports community to eliminate racial discrimination, champion social justice, and improve race relations.

As part of P3R’s efforts to immediately and positively impact diversity, equity, and inclusion in the greater Pittsburgh area, P3R made $20,000 in donations in early June to four local organizations: the Pittsburgh Branch of the NAACP, Black Girls Run Pittsburgh, the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, and the August Wilson African American Cultural Center.

“P3R’s mission is to inspire any and all to run with us,” Schooley said. “We will do everything in our power to make sure everyone feels welcome and safe participating in our sport in Pittsburgh, whether that’s at one of our events or running just for the joy of moving.”

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